URBST Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Technology has brought us so many beautiful things, such as wireless speakers through which we can play music from any of our devices. Today we review such a speaker, the URBST Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

Not only is it highly functional and portable, it also looks good.

URBST Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

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The speaker looks great on any desk or countertop, with its neutral bamboo tones, blending in well with any surrounding landscape. I don’t have a desk job, but if I did, I would set it up on my desk next to a little cactus plant.

One thing to note, speaking of desk jobs: each time you turn it on and off, it makes an announcement to you, as well as when you have an incoming call, etc. The voice can be rather loud and I have been unable to figure out how to change the volume. I don’t think it can be deactivated, but it’s a small fry compared to the other fish I’m enjoying when I’m listening to my jams on this thing.

Optimal Audio Performance

This speaker offers an optimal audio quality experience. The sound quality is amazing and clear. You can connect it to a laptop, android phone, an ipod, or any Bluetooth device you might have. What is a Bluetooth device, you ask? Why, the term refers to any device that has the ability to transmit data without wires.

It works by using radio waves instead of wires to connect to a computer or phone. They tend to work over short-range areas. It is an amazing technology that enables us to converse on the telephone, hands-free, while driving. Bluetooth technology makes us safe: it also prevents us from tripping over wires! This speaker receives a steady stream of high-quality data from your device of choice, and relays the sound to you.

URBST Bluetooth Speakers,Wireless Stereo super bass Portable Bluetooth

It has a power button, a call button, volume button, USB port (amazing), and skip track options. There is also an auxiliary port in case you want to plug headphones in.

Multifunctional Small Home Speaker Unit

Personally, I love to listen to music while cooking, but my big stereo is set up in the basement. I’d been looking for portable speakers for a while, until I found this one. The wood matched my countertops and it seemed to fit perfectly in the kitchen.

I can also take it into the bathroom if I want to enjoy music while showering or taking a bath, and I can use it in my room. In fact, I can use it all over the dang house, and that’s what I love about it. All you have to do is set it down and pair your Bluetooth device to it. Any Bluetooth devices that will be transmitting data must be paired.

This thing is perfect and produces a wicked, high-quality sound that reaches far over the sound of boiling water or frying vegetables. This is a high-quality speaker that runs on a rechargeable polymer lithium battery. The battery life is approximately six hours.

MP3 Speakers with Handsfree Speakerphone and 3.5mm Jack

Bluetooth Speaker With Built-In Mic

The speaker also has a built-in microphone, so if you receive a call while in use, you’ll be alerted and can have a phone conversation through the speaker. This is also super handy while cooking! You just have to be within ten metres of the speaker in order for it to pick up on the Bluetooth device you’re using.

Since no one has a landline phone anymore, this is a great way to be included in Skype or conference calls without anyone having to see your face, particularly when you’re fresh out of bed on a hungover Sunday morning.

The best part about this thing is that as long as the battery is charged, you can take it virtually anywhere. Going for a picnic? Take it. Enjoying a drink in the backyard? Take it. Want some sing-alongs for shower time? Take it.

While the speaker is not waterproof, it will hold up to a bit of condensation. Don’t let it get too wet, use the bathroom fan, but you can certainly feel safe enjoying its sound in humid conditions. It even has a carrying strap. It really is portable.

small wireles home audio speaker review

It’s about four inches in diameter, and approximately three inches tall. It really is tiny. I was so surprised when I heard how much noise it can make. That’s just the way with technology, and I am so thankful for it.

All the things in one place, all the tasks on one device, small, easy to carry, lightweight, and super cute to boot. If this were not a speaker, it would be a kitten. In the package, you will receive the speaker, a USB cable for charging, an audio cable, and an instruction manual. It sells for around $40, and really packs a punch for its size. This would also make a great gift for any music lover.

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