We Review The 5 Best Inflatable Movie Projector Screens Of 2017

As avid party hosts, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to pump up the jams. One of those ways is figuring out how to entertain large groups of people at once. Obviously at parties people go off into their own natural groups, but throwing an epic movie party will be one they never forget.

We have compiled a list of the top five inflatable movie screens for you to contrast and compare. Each one on this list is designed for outdoor use, due to the vast amount of space they require, but if you’re handy enough, you can rig up a frame to keep the screen taut and hang it on a wall indoors. They are listed in no particular order: they’re all winners in our book! So grab a projector, DVD player or laptop, a pair of speakers, and one of these screens, and you’ve got your own personal backyard movie theatre.

Airblown Gemmy Movie Screen

Airblown Inflatable Movie Screen With Storage Bag Review

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The Gemmy movie screen has you covered. It measures at a gigantic 123×77 inches and comes with a durable bag for storage, as well as stakes and tethers for keeping it in place while you enjoy your favourite films. It comes with two fans that sit at the base of the screen and keep it inflated. Don’t worry about fan noise: it is barely noticeable, and certainly inaudible while the movie is playing. This one sells at a great price point of around $250.

Loch Inflatable Projection Screen

loch 200 inch inflatable movie screen review

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The Loch inflatable projection screen measures in at 200” and is nothing short of amazing. If you really want to make the neighbours curious with envy, this is the statement piece of the year. You can easily entertain groups of 100+ with a screen this size. You can set it up at the park, in your yard, or even at a recreation centre (if possible). It comes with professional blowers that inflate that screen, tethers, stakes, and a storage bag. However, some people have difficulty fitting it back into the provided bag and prefer to roll it into a plastic storage container, instead. With its black frame, it looks like a giant real television. Aesthetically this is one of the prettiest. It sells for around $430.

Holiday Styling Airblown Movie Screen

holiday styling Inflatable Movie Screen

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The self-inflating projection screen by Holiday styling is a massive fourteen-foot-wide, made of triple grade 600DD material. This screen has the advantage of accepting both front and rear projection images, making it a great choice for a DJ or any large party that requires the hiding of some equipment. Its enormous size makes it perfect for outdoor screenings for large groups of people that would otherwise overpower your house! It is very lightweight and easy to set up. It’ll prove to be as much of a spectacle as the movies you watch on it. Sells for around $260.

Gemmy Airblown 12 Foot Screen

gemmy outdoor movie screen review

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Another massive beauty! The Gemmy 12 foot screen can easily entertain large groups of one hundred people. It comes with two fans that sit at the bottom on either side of the screen to inflate it in seconds, and keep it inflated. It sets up in about 20 minutes and deflates in 20-25. The fans are very quiet and you don’t hear them once the movie is playing.  It also comes with stakes and tethers, which are very important to use, as this screen will go tumbling if you don’t secure it! The only downside we can see to this one is the colour: it is not black like the others on the list, but a dark blue. However, since projection screens work best in the dark, you won’t notice the colour during the movie. It is the best price point on our list, selling for around $150. Perfect for town reunions or birthday parties.

Mickey Inflatable Movie Screen

Mickey Inflatable Movie Screen review

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This one is for the kids, or any avid Disney fans! It is all dressed up like Mickey Mouse, with a red base (including white buttons), black frame, and mouse ears on top. It is a real hit for kids’ birthday parties or family movie nights, especially when set up in the backyard with a Disney movie and some popcorn. The fans are quiet and not bothersome while watching the movie. It comes with a red Disney bag for storage. Setup and take down are very simple. The screen clips on, making it easy to store carefully (we recommend rolling the screen to prevent wrinkles). It is very lightweight, making it easy to carry around and set up. Let’s face it: this screen is super cute and good for kids, but keep in mind that projection screens work best at night when using outdoors, or in the dark if using indoors. Be sure to consider this if buying for a daycare type setup. Sells for around $300.

There you have it: our top five inflatable movie screens. They all come with tethers and stakes to keep them in place. It’s important to use these pieces, due to the inflatable and lightweight nature of the screens. Make sure kids and pets can’t trip over the tethers in the dark. In addition, they all come with professional fans that inflate the screen for you (thank heaven for all things self-inflating), making them very easy to set up and take down, regardless of their sublime size.


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