Our Review of the Cobb Premier Grill

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It’s almost certain that if you’ve been researching barbeques, especially charcoal barbeques, then someone somewhere has recommended the Cobb charcoal cooking stove. It comes very highly praised as an easy to use, easy to travel with, reliable, and versatile little stove.

Originally designed for use in Africa, the Cobb is designed to be a safe, efficient stove for daily use with minimal risk of spreading fires in the dry climate. It gets its name from the originally intended fuel source – dry corn cobs.

Premier Portable Grill

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The Cobb Premier Grill weighs in at a mere 8 lbs. At first sight inside the case the Cobb features a stainless steel base and a high dome lid.

The stainless steel base is built with a stay-cool design so that even at high heat the base is safe to touch.  It even has little rubber feet on the bottom of the base. The dome lid is also made of durable stainless steel.

Under the lid is a brilliantly designed non-stick grill. The durable coated steel grill gives you a generous 30cm in diameter cooking area.

The grill is designed with a gentle convex shape and slight grooves lead from the center of the grill out to holes around the circumference.

Beneath the grill is an inner sleeve in the shape of a moat; also made of stainless steel. At the center is a stainless steel and removable basket that will houses the burning charcoal.

Lots of open space around all sides of the charcoal basket allows for lots of fresh air to circulate through the coals to keep them supplied with oxygen and burning hot.

Just eight to ten charcoal briquettes will provide up to 3 hours of cooking time while maintaining 500 degrees with the dome lid on top.

cobb premier bbq grill and smoker


At only 8 pounds and sold with its own beautifully convenient carry case the Cobb premier grill is a solid choice for camping trips or even day trips to the park.

It’s even a wonderful option if you love to grill outside but have a small area to do so or can’t keep a barbeque outdoors. Its small size and light weight make it easy to store in its bag and bring out as needed.

The stainless steel base features a brilliant stay-cool design that keeps heat in and the base cool.

This makes it not only easy to move safely immediately after use to get it out of the way, it’s safer for children and pets to be around because they won’t burn themselves on the base.

The stay-cool feature in combination with the rubber feet on the bottom also allows for the Cobb to be placed on almost any surface including tables.

cobb bbq grilling chicken

The best outcome of the Cobb’s design is efficiency. The high dome lid retains heat making temperature regulation simple and allows you to achieve higher cooking temperatures.

The dome lid also serves to maintain moisture and keep food from drying out as it cooks. The fire basket will run for hours on 8-10 briquettes but can be used with as few as three making this a fuel-efficient grill that lends itself well to a greener lifestyle and smaller budgets.

The grill surface is equipped with a non-stick surface to make cooking a breeze. The 30 cm in diameter surface allows you to cook almost anything without fighting to release stuck food.

The grooves allow grease to flow down to the outer edges of the grill and drip down through holes into a moat. The grill also comes equipped with a lifting handle so that its easy to access the charcoal basket and the moat beneath to make adjustments as needed.

The stainless steel insert serves as a neat little moat that will catch all the drippings coming off of the grill and keep them isolated from the fire to prevent flare-ups.

This feature greatly increases the safety of cooking on a grill. Having the drippings fall from the grill keeps your food healthier and less greasy as well.

Keep your food moist by adding liquid to the moat or infuse it with flavour by adding wines or herbs and other flavourings to the moat. You can also toss things like vegetables or sausage in the moat to poach.

At the end of your cook, pop out the insert for easy cleaning. All parts of the Cobb Premier Grill with the exception of the stay-cool base are dishwasher safe making for an incredibly easy clean up. All the base will need is a quick wiping down.

The greatest thing about the Cobb by far is its simple and inherent versatility. The size of the grill in combination with the high dome lid allows you to cook simple burgers or kebabs while out on a camping adventure, grill a pizza one night, and follow those up by roasting a whole chicken.

The design of the Cobb grill lets you play around with lots of cooking styles as well. You can easily grill or roast with the Cobb Premier as you might with most models of barbeque.

With the steel charcoal basket its also easy to add wood chips to the charcoal briquettes to use the Cobb as a smoker as well. Then you can do the unexpected and use your grill to poach foods using the stainless steel moat insert as well.

cobb bbq grill accesssories


Now, this is the incredible range of things you can do with just the original grill that comes with your Cobb Premier.

There are many accessories available on the market as well that will broaden even further the breadth of things you can do with your Cobb grill.

A grill kit will give you those standard grill marks and are designed with the holes around the edges to maintain the safety of reduced flare-ups.

A dome extension is available with a chicken roasting stand to allow for the roasting of larger chickens.

A roast rack is available to fit above the standard Cobb grill.

A Teflon griddle increases the range of what you can cook.

A non-stick frying pan insert lets you cook like you would on a stove at home and has a detachable handle.

Disposable inner sleeves can be purchased to make cleaning up even easier.


The only downsides to the Cobb Premier are its relatively small size in comparison to other grills available and that it won’t give you the characteristic charred flavour of most charcoal grills.

If that’s a key element of grilling for you then this won’t do the trick.

cobb bbq grill closeup


The Cobb Premier Grill might more accurately be called an outdoor stove but it’s impeccable design gives you an incredibly easy, versatile, and reliable cook every time. It’s an excellent choice for a portable outdoor grill.









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