Urban Furnishing 10-Piece Patio Sectional Sofa Set Review

Maybe you’ve just moved, bought a new house, or are simply looking to change up the backyard décor. Maybe you’re thinking of stepping up your backyard party game and hosting all kinds of backyard barbecues or birthday parties or maybe you’d just like to have a comfortable place to hang out with your friends when they come over. Either way, a new patio set is an easy way to spruce up the backyard. It’s more useful than gardening, and easier to accomplish if you’re not into yardwork. When it comes to patio furniture, we recommend doing some serious research. Some things you will want to look for are: a manufacturer’s warranty, aluminum frame, and comfortable cushions that will resist water and also seat your butt like royalty.

Urban Finishing 10-Piece Sectional Patio Set – Review

Urban Furnishing is a great company whose products we have used and reviewed many a time. They are well known for great customer service, and for designing and producing some seriously durable and fashionable patio furniture. Because what more do you need than something that is entirely useful and has a good lifespan, while also contributing to your beautiful yard and bringing joy to your life?

urban finishing 10 piece sectional

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As we said, a new patio set is a great and easy way to change up the look. This patio set we review today, however, just might be a big step up from what you are used to. Today we review a nineteen-piece patio set. That’s right, nineteen pieces. Because you can just expect everyone to sit around a glass dining table all night, and you can’t expect them to eat meals off a sectional couch with coffee table. Of course, all of these pieces in one package is ideal! This set will fill up your yard and make it very easy to transition from conversational catching up, to dining time, to food coma-induced lounging while the sun sets and you get your energy back.

The Set Includes…

This set includes a ten-piece sectional with two corner chairs, four middle chairs, a coffee table, two chaise, a tea table, in addition to a nine piece dining set with eight chairs and one table. This set is great for accommodating one group and for covering all your backyard needs in one go, especially if you have a large property or tiered deck with different needs. Each piece is reconfigurable, so you can move it around any which way you like until satisfied. Its design features neutral colours such as the ash gray wicker weave and the beige cushions.

Altogether the set sells for around $3500 and requires no assembly other than the affixation of four dining table legs to its tabletop. The sectional is composed of polyester rattan that is hand woven around a durable, rustproof aluminum frame. Synthetic wicker/rattan is far favourable over natural wicker, because it stays together. Natural wicker tends to weaken and splinter over time, and this is no fun nor something you should be sitting on. Each piece of furniture in the Urban Furnishing set is designed to hold up to 300 pounds.

The rattan will not fade its colour nor split over time, as it is infused with UV inhibitors. Sun is a very strong and nasty force when it comes to colour fading, but you don’t have to worry about that with this furniture. And with weatherproof cushions, you can trust the cushions to wick water away and dry out quickly when they do get wet. We just recommend buying a cover for winter and bringing the cushions inside for winter.

Here is a close up view…as you can see, the quality is very high.

Sectional Sofa Set Review

Contemporary Look

Overall the low-profile look of the sectional is very contemporary and will bring chic sophistication to your yard. It will make you want to get outside! The chaise are very handy for tanning or reading a book or having a nap. The dining set seats eight people, while most sets on the market seat only four to six people. And if you have a party, you can seat all kinds of people at once! The chairs are all stackable and the cushions are detachable, so if you don’t need all the chairs at once, or would like to store them indoors for winter, they will not take up too much space. Your friends and family will love this set and ask to come over every weekend. And you won’t refuse, because this much luxury for such a great price should be shared and enjoyed to the fullest! You will get nothing but compliments on this sleek set.

Urban Furnishing 10-Piece Patio Sectional Sofa Set Review

Since there are so many pieces, we also recommend marking each cushion with its according position. Each cover has a tag to indicate its position, so when you remove the covers it will be easy to put them back on.

This is a beautiful and handy set, very durable and reliable. It is amazing that such a hot set would sell for such a great price. It is a lot of furniture, but if you have the room and the need for it, we highly recommend.

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