Sunjoy Summer Breeze Soft Top Gazebo Review

Today we review the Sunjoy Summer Breeze soft top gazebo. This gazebo is built from durable steel with a powder-coated finish for extra protection.

Now you can add more style and functionality to your outdoor living space with this eye-catching gazebo, giving your patio or pool area an easy makeover. With this gazebo you’ll enjoy dining and entertaining in style. Also, it assembles and disassembles quickly and easily. Just grab a friend and a step-stool and you will have it set up quickly.

Gazebos are great additions to any area that does not receive a lot of shade. For example, you may not have many trees in your backyard, so you need a structure such as a gazebo to provide additional shade. In addition to the shade, gazebos add a focal point to the yard. They will frame the patio or pool area quite nicely, inviting you to come and sit underneath its shelter. Gazebos provide an attractive feature that pleases the eye, while increasing your outdoor time and introducing a whole new way of enjoying your outdoor time. Essentially, a gazebo enables you to expand your living space, as you can set up a separate living/seating/dining area underneath the gazebo. The shade will keep you cool all day long.

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The introduction of this structure in your backyard will keep your parties cool and comfortable, and is easy to assemble. It features a two-tiered ventilated top making it sturdy on windy days, as the wind goes right through the canopy, rather than becoming trapped beneath the canopy and lifting it. This helps keep it stabilised during windier days.

All in all it will take just under two hours to put together. This gazebo is stable with well-tooled pieces that fit together to form a sturdy unit that will provide protection from the harmful effects of the elements for years to come. It will add an inviting gathering place for family and friends alike.

The gazebo weighs 129 pounds and measures 120.1×120.1×119.3”. It stands ten by ten feet wide, which is plenty room for your outdoor furniture. You can sit out here with friends and enjoy a shaded area on a hot summer day, or lounge with a book and have some peace and quiet.

This gazebo is constructed from sturdy, safe steel and aluminum construction with a durable, rust-resistant, powder-coated finish that will stand up for years to come. The construction delivers a weather-resistant, low-maintenance seating area that sets the scene for luxurious outdoor living. This gazebo is designed for long-term, rust-resistant use.

The vented, soft-top canopy will shield you from UV rays while allowing wind to pass through on windy days. For additional stability, you can add pebbles or pea gravel to the legs, adding weight. Keep in mind that any modification will void the warranty.

The posts can be firmly mounted to a base (your patio) using bolts or screws. The bases of the posts have holes that are meant for mounting/securing. However, the top should be removed at the end of patio season. You can store it in the garage or shed over winter. This will only extend the longevity of the soft top canopy. The posts will remain mounted in place year-round. The posts will stay strong through the winter.

It is easy to assemble and well packed. Everything is secured, neatly labeled and wrapped. You will need a ladder to attach the side rails to the sections. There is also a little bag of extra hardware in case you need a couple of extra pieces. Before you put it together, we recommend taking out all the parts and matching hardware, lining it all up to be sure everything is in place, and then put it together once you are certain of all parts and pieces.

The top sections are all position-and-click so they are very easy to get into place. The frame and poles are quite thick and sturdy. The soft top canopy puts it at a very affordable price point so you can enjoy a shaded backyard.

This gazebo will introduce an entirely new way of enjoying your backyard. you can have a family barbecue on a summer day or enjoy it when you have the yard to yourself. The inviting cool shade will attract family and pets alike, and bring a whole new luxury experience to your backyard. This is truly a beautiful structure, as it comes in black with some hints of bronze. Its bold colours are classic enough for a look that everyone will enjoy, while also being modern and sleek to please the fashion-forward eye.

This gazebo comes in natural tones that will match well with your home and existing landscape or décor. It is a very popular, well-loved gazebo and sells for around $400.

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