Sunjoy Manila Canopy Gazebo Review

As the days grow longer and the nights shorter, we anticipate long, lazy afternoons in the backyard, taking in the sounds of birds singing and lawn mowers humming. A cold drink in hand, good company surrounding us, and the hot, hot sun beating down on our scalps.

The intense heat of the sun can be overwhelming, not to mention the pain of sunburns, which lead to skin damage and then potentially cause skin cancer. Sunscreen lotions are great, with an SPF of 30 or higher, but the best sunblock is a physical barrier such as a parasol, tree shade, or canopy.

Patio umbrellas don’t always look very classy, and can cost as much as entire canopy gazebo. We are in favour of canopy gazebos for their portability and the way they add instant class and glamour to any backyard setting by creating an elegant focal point. Aesthetics aside, canopy gazebos are a great, affordable investment compared to permanent installations that cost thousands of dollars and can’t be moved if you decide to sell your house.

They also provide up to 99% protection from harmful ultraviolet rays that seem to be so unavoidable during our summer months. Why stay inside avoiding sunburn when you can be out in the yard enjoying the warmth, safe and cool under a nice canopy? Shade drops the temperature and brightness, which can also be very harsh on the eyes.

Sunjoy L-GZ375PST Manila Gazebo

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The Sunjoy Manila canopy gazebo is a beautiful option if you are looking for such an accessory for your yard. It measures eight by eight feet. It comes in tan and brown tones, with fabric curtains at each post for a very elegant, unique look. The fabric is two-toned to add depth.

The peak of the canopy is vented, and the extra little roof adds a really special dimension to this canopy. It also has practical uses, of course: the vented canopy allows wind to go right through, as opposed to going under or around, which would cause the canopy to lift and perhaps tip over. The vent allows for aerodynamic wind flow, which is the mark of a very smart design. This vent also enables the hottest air, which rises to the top of the canopy, to escape, maintaining a comfortable temperature within its shelter.

sunjoy manilla

We can’t rave about this canopy enough! Another great feature is the mosquito netting it comes with. It is full length, meaning you can sit under the canopy and enjoy drinks and conversation without listening to the annoying buzzing of mosquitos or enduring the discomfort of biting bugs.

We believe that aside from painful sunburns, mosquito bites are the next worst thing about summer. The netting closes with zippers, so you can rest assured you are fully protected from those darn bloodsuckers. We are so glad to have found the Sunjoy Manila canopy, as it is guaranteed to protect people from both. The mosquito netting can be opened and gathered at each post, which creates a very regal, refined look to the canopy, like curtains on a four-poster bed.

The frame itself is composed of durable steel. It will set up easily with the work of two people in two or three hours. Since it is 8’x8’, it is easier than some other canopies, certainly less cumbersome. After setting it up, you will be able to enjoy a piece of sanctuary while taking in the good summer heat and absorbing all that vitamin D.

It also creates a rather intimate, cozy environment after sunset. It looks great standing over a Jacuzzi or hot tub, again creating an intimate atmosphere, while providing some privacy. The legs are not adjustable. At its peak, the canopy stands nine feet tall, which gives plenty headroom for guests whether standing or sitting, while being low enough to create shelter and shade from the glaring sun.

Sunjoy Manila Canopy Gazebo Review

The posts have pre-drilled holes at their bases, making it very easy to attach this to a wooden deck or stake it to the earth. It comes with instructions, of course, and is very easy to put together. It is a permanent installation, but we highly recommend removing the canvas top at the end of the summer season. It can certainly stand up to rain and some wind, but snow is far too heavy for it. In order to prevent any possible damage, please remove the fabric before snowfall.

You can add all sorts of your own décor to the canopy, as well, such as real fabric curtains to go around the mosquito netting, to add more privacy and beauty. If you don’t have a camping tent, this could be a good option for you, too! Simply set up some air mattresses and pillows and close off the mosquito netting, if you feel like sleeping outdoors sometime.

The Sunjoy Manila canopy gazebo sells for around $285, a great price considering its beautiful tones, reliable structure, and handy mosquito netting. This canopy will add much comfort and joy to your backyard experience, creating shade and sheltering you from bugs and sunburns.

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