STC Seville Gazebo Review

When designing your backyard layout, it is crucial to set up an area for entertaining and dining. This usually takes the form of a patio or a deck with table and chairs. Since you will spend most of your time hanging out in that space, it can be beneficial to make the entertainment area the focal point of the yard. Sometimes just a table and chairs can feel rather cold or uninviting. One of the quickest ways to make the space more inviting is to add a gazebo.

A gazebo is a structure with posts and a top, designed to act as shelter in an outdoor setting. The roof serves to block out the sun and create shade, while the sides remain wide open to provide a view of the surrounding area. This type of en plein air entertaining has been popular virtually since the dawn of time. Even the Egyptians would use pergolas and gazebos as solid structures from which to hang grapevines. No more baking in the summer afternoon sun; no more fussing with a floppy patio umbrella. A gazebo not only has practical uses, but also provides a very beautiful, powerful focal point. They add a sense of privacy and can be draped with fabric or mosquito netting if so desired. They got their origin in the centre of towns as bandstands or in the middle of parks, as private seating areas. Due to their origin, they are often associated with a romantic notion. A gazebo will provide a sanctuary getaway in the comfort of your own backyard.

We have searched high and low for the best gazebos on the market. Of course, you can always have one built from lumber, but this can be very costly, as materials and labour are both factors that drive the cost up. Buying a prebuilt gazebo made from steel will be easier to install and commit to. Today we review the Seville gazebo.

STC Seville Gazebo Review

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The Seville Gazebo frame is constructed from powder-coated, heavy gauge aluminum. It measures twelve by twelve feet, for a total of 144 square feet of shade and refuge. This is a lot of room, plenty for a couch and loveseat, or a dining table and chairs with room to move around. It comes topped with a Sunbrella canopy top, which is vented at its peak to allow for aerodynamic airflow. This opening in the peak allows wind to pass through, rather than catching under the canopy and lifting it. The Sunbrella canopy fabric is weather-resistant, fade-resistant, and filters the sunlight out to create a comfortable, shaded seating area for you and guests. The canopy is reinforced at the corners to ensure a long life.

seville gazebo

The frame is a dark brown, like a coffee bean, while the canopy is a warm, burnt orange. The colour scheme is very Tuscan-inspired. The posts can be anchored to concrete or wooden deck using concealed anchor plates; the gazebo also comes with ground stakes, should you prefer to stand it upon grass. The posts are wrapped in woven wicker for a summery texture, which appeals to the senses of sight and touch.

The gazebo can be assembled in two to three hours with the effort of two to three people. Upon entry, there is 6.5’ headroom, with extra headroom once inside the gazebo.

Upon receiving the gazebo, you will notice that they recommend filling the posts with forty pounds pea gravel. With this added weight, in addition to securing the post feet to the ground, your gazebo will be fully stable and sturdy, and hold up to wind and other weather conditions. This is a permanent gazebo, so once it’s installed, take it seriously. Install and anchor it correctly, and you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come.

seville gazebo review

You may want to add some kind of shade to the sides, because we all know that the sun is killer in the late afternoon, piercing you right at eye level! Some folks have had good experiences hanging bamboo shades from the roof’s frame. The point of the gazebo is to provide a sort of secret refuge in your own backyard, with a shaded seating area so you can lounge comfortably. It is up to your comfort level to determine how you embellish the gazebo. Some people have even wired the posts with audio wire, mounting speakers to the post, with a wireless music player nearby. This is a great idea! Music will really complete the entire experience. We recommend wiring the posts before you fill with gravel, for obvious reasons. Do make sure the wire is outdoor-grade and properly protected from dust and other elements, should you choose this route.

The Seville gazebo sells for around $1500 and comes with a six-year warranty on the roof and seven-year warranty on the frame. We recommend removing the canopy when you winterize your backyard.

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