Sound Appeal Outdoor Bluetooth Rock Speakers Review

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Bluetooth technology is truly amazing. In particular, Bluetooth music speakers. They enable the listener to select and change the songs from a distance, and can be transported at will.

We have found the perfect pair of Bluetooth speakers that are efficient, give a great sound, and can be enjoyed virtually anywhere. The Sound Appeal Bluetooth speakers are designed for outdoor use, made of a sandstone finish that will last years to come.

Bluetooth Outdoor Rock Speaker (canyon sandstone) - stereo pair by Sound Appeal

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The sandstone finish enables the user to place the speakers anywhere in the garden, yard, or porch. Sandstone is a warm beige tone that causes the speakers to blend right in, making them the perfect addition to any yard, especially if you don’t want your lovely landscape broken up by the cold look of technology.

Bluetooth works like this: your device (cell phone, for example) sends radio waves, which are picked up the receiving device (the speakers in this case). This makes for a very convenient outdoor setup, as wires can be easily damaged by weather conditions or little animals who like to nibble.

One of the speakers, known as the master speaker, will plug into an electrical outlet; the other, known as the slave speaker, will connect to the master by wire. These are the only cords needed to use the speakers, thanks to the glory of Bluetooth technology.

The speakers pick up the signal from up to one hundred feet away, but this depends upon the strength of the signal that your device gives. Some phones have to be as close as fifteen feet, while others can be thirty or more feet away.

Sound Appeal Outdoor Bluetooth Rock Speakers Review

These speakers are eleven inches tall, making it easy to tuck under any plants, chairs, or side tables. They look great in the garden or on the deck! They even look good on the deck stairs, which can make for a nice setting if you’re throwing a backyard party and want to aim the music down into the yard.

Their size makes them great for medium to large-sized backyards or pool areas. They are fully waterproof, so feel free to leave them connected all the time. Even after a year of having them constantly connected, there are no problems with the speakers.

The connector cable is twenty feet long, and is heavy gauge and well shielded. Both speakers and cable will hold up over time and even when exposed to the elements. Leaving them plugged in will be more of a drain on the hydro bill than anything! The speaker connectors do a really good job of protecting the wires from exposure.

They also hold up well to the hot heat of a summer day. But of course, we recommend winterizing your backyard if you live in a snowy climate. Snow and ice won’t do the speakers any good. Bring them inside and be kind. Heck, move them to your work desk or bathroom for the off-season!

They’re so cool and practical that you will be able to find a use for them even when you aren’t using your patio. There is a nice weight to them. Each speaker weighs about as much as a cat (eight or so pounds).

Sound Appeal Outdoor Bluetooth

So how do they sound? Surely, with their size, they don’t have much power? Wrong! The woofer driver is six and a half inches, meaning it pumps out a pretty mean bass while maintaining a high level of fidelity.

The tweeter is a one-inch dome that keeps the highs crisp and clear. The Bluetooth connection remains strong and doesn’t get broken up, which means you can relax with your family and pals without worrying about losing the sound.

The speakers sync to your device within seconds, and then the music plays loudly, clearly, and powerfully. They can easily fill up a backyard of 1800 square feet, but maintains a true sound to the very top volume notch. At highest volume, the speakers sound just as good as any other volume level without sounding overdriven. You know that tinny sound that laptop and phone speakers give off? Not these guys.

speaker that look like rocks

Not only are they great speakers, but the manufacturer, Sound Appeal, consistently provides amazing customer service and is guaranteed to help you out with any issues. They come well-packed with Styrofoam backing to fit all the pieces.

They are very easy to set up and will connect to your Bluetooth device instantly for a quick and easy enjoyable music experience. The power switch is located on the bottom of the mother speaker, so you can leave them on or turn them off when not in use. Best of all, there is no indicator light on these, like with so many other AV products and technology in general.

This means they blend right into the landscape with no distraction. We highly recommend these for their look, high quality sound, durability, and the great customer service you receive really is the cherry on top.

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  1. You’ll have to take some things into consideration (such a price, size, design, and, perhaps most importantly, how well they’ll hold up against the weather). But the above speaker mention above you don’t have to worry about how these Sound Appeal speakers will hold up being left outside. They are built to endure the outdoor elements. Thanks! Also, I’m making a list for wireless speakers for the backyard in my youtube channel, you might like to watch here’s the link: Thanks again and Regards!


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