Sojag 500-4153927 Charcoal Meridien Gazebo Sunshelter Review

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Recently, we have seen a surge in the popularity of hardtop gazebos. Traditionally, gazebos are made of wood with shingled roof or are soft top canvas. More and more people are realizing that wood just doesn’t hold up well over time, particularly when exposed to the elements year-round.

Additionally, wooden gazebos tend to be a custom project and can be very pricey. Even if they are pre-built, they have a rather rustic look that is unattractive or outdated to some. Softtop gazebos tend to be made of canvas, meaning they are flimsy, prone to damage by elements such as wind, rain, or snow, and lose their beauty and structural integrity over time.

Going Hardtop Might Be The Perfect Choice

Of course, the gazebo you choose will entirely depend upon your own tastes and the décor you have going on, but we are favouring the hardtop gazebos these days!

There are many beautiful models on the market. We favour them particularly for their aesthetic addition to any space, by creating a rather grand focal point, but also providing reliable shelter from sun and rain. They hold up over time.

Usually they are made from aluminum, which, as we all know, is rustproof!

Today we review a hardtop shelter in charcoal, made by Sojag.

First off, the charcoal frame is super sharp. This adds instant chic to any space, with its very contemporary design. Dark tones are very fashionable but also provide a wonderfully stark contrast to landscaping and most house exteriors.

The roof panels are made from polycarbonate panels that are eight millimetres thick. These panels provide protection from harmful UV rays, which are documented to cause skin damage and potentially skin cancer.

Not to mention how uncomfortable it can be to sit in a ray of hot summer afternoon sun, even though the afternoon is the best time to be outside.

This shelter will allow you to make the most of the summer months by getting out into the fresh air with friends, in the comfort of your own backyard, while protecting you from blinding, harsh rays.

Sojag 500-4153927 Charcoal Meridien Gazebo Sunshelter Review

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More Features

Another wonderful feature is mosquito netting! Most pergolas or gazebos do not come with mosquito netting, but it is a crucial accessory in outdoor entertaining and enjoyment.

Biting bugs can greatly reduce the fun you have, and it can be inconvenient to purchase things separately.

The curtains run on a track inside the roof, and can either be closed for protection, or left open and tied at each post. They are coated in PVC to match the dark frame.

Even when tied at the posts, the effect is very lovely. It will certainly create a space that you will want to hang out inside. This pvc netting not only protects from mosquitos, but also really helps cut out wind and sun, due to its dark tint and close weave.

The fact that this gazebo can stand year-round makes for a very convenient backyard setup. You do not have to remove the roof; it can hold its own.

The roof panels are a dark tint, which attracts the sun. In the wintertime, the sun will likely melt a lot of the snow that falls upon the roof, but we recommend removing any excess snow when you can.

Snow becomes very heavy and when it piles up, it has the power to crush through roof and ceiling. We’ve seen it happen in homes, and ever since, we recommend removing snow whenever possible.

Backyard Bonanza

There are many ways to incorporate the shelter into your backyard. You can set it up over a dining area, near the pool with some lounging chairs, or over a sitting area with coffee table.

It all depends on where you want your focal point to be. It is incredibly durable, and we cannot rave enough about aluminum furniture and patio shelters. It weighs around 245 pounds, giving it significant physical presence.

It is a very stable, durable hard top shelter. Of course, you will have to anchor it down, no matter where you decide to put it.

sojag gazebo size

This hardtop shelter measures twelve by sixteen feet, which is the size of a large bedroom. This enables you to use it for pretty much any purpose, as it can accommodate a dining table, or large seating area.

At the lowest point, it measures six feet, three inches off the ground, giving most people a decent amount of headroom. This is a great addition to your yard that will cut down on excessive heat, allowing you to make the most of the summer months.

Your friends and neighbours will want to visit all the time, and you will want to have them over, now that you have a gorgeous structure to not only show off but also with which to protect them! It is a very stylish gazebo that will bring enjoyment for years and years.

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