Smart for Life 4-Person Hot Tub Review

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The Smart for Life Hot Tub is a 4-person spa with deep seats that will cover your body in warm, soothing water from your shoulders all the way to your feet.

Feature Pick

4 Person Hot Tub With 20 Stainless Steel Jet Plug & Play Spa Waterfall, Led Color Lighting, Lcd Control, Rock Solid Shell, Sandstone (With Steps)

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There are 20 stainless steel jets that will relax your tired, sore muscles, too. It comes with many features that you and your guests will love. It’s an insulated tub with an ozone purification system to keep maintenance to a minimum.

Pros of the Smart for Life Hot Tub

  • 20 Stainless steel jets
  • Plug and play spa
  • Waterfall
  • LED color lighting
  • LCD Control
  • With or without steps
  • Locking hard cover
  • Ozone purification system

Potential Cons of the Hot Tub

  • Seats 4 people only

First Impressions

This hot tub seats 4 people comfortably. That means you and your significant other plus another couple can enjoy the therapy jets of this incredible spa. While it’s a full-size spa, it doesn’t require you to have extra plugs installed in the home.

This is what they mean by plug and play. There’s no need for a professional electrician to install the spa for you. You’ll just need to ensure that the hot tub is close to an outlet. It should never be plugged into an extension cord.

There is a control panel with a comfort dial to allow you to change the temperature and the power of the jets. There are valves that will allow you to change the mixture of air and water coming out of the jets, too.

There are multi-color LED lights and a stunning waterfall feature in the hot tub that will make this spa like a relaxing oasis in the middle of your hectic life.

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Entertaining Guests

There are times that you’ll want to enjoy the spa alone or with your love, but you will also want to invite friends over to have a few drinks in the hot tub with you.

If you’re single, this is a great place to deepen the relationship you have with the guy or girl you’re dating.

The water is heated and relaxing with lights and waterfall that will break the ice if you’re on the search for something special to do in the near future.

Imagine drinking ice-cold champagne while enjoying the jets and warm water of the hot tub with that special someone. It’s the ultimate romantic encounter.

Plug and Play

With some of the big hot tub spas, they’ll hold more people and water, but they require an electrician to come in and rewire parts of your home to accommodate the tub.

This is a simple hot tub with great features that can be plugged directly into the plug you already have.

Comfort Dial Therapy Jets

The therapy jets for each seat are controlled with a comfort dial to ensure that there’s always the right mixture of air and water shooting through the jets.

They’re stainless steel, so they will be easy to keep clean and sanitized. The control panel also controls the amount of heat that is pumping through the jets onto your sore, tense muscles.

Included Items and Fun Features

The spa can be purchased with or without stairs for you to climb into the hot tub. This is a great feature for guests even if you don’t need it for yourself. It might be difficult for shorter people to gracefully climb into the tub without the stairs.

The hot tub has an insulated locking hard cover for the spa, so you don’t have to worry about the heat escaping. You don’t want to leave the spa running 24/7 unless you want to see a huge jump in your energy bill.

Instead, use the cover to store as much heat as possible. When you’re ready to use the spa, you can heat it up to the right temperature pretty easily.

The insulated cover also keeps debris from landing in the water when it’s not in use. You don’t want to spend all your time skimming the surface of the spa before you can use it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of this hot tub?

The spa is 32 inches high by 71 inches wide by 61 inches deep. It weighs 270 pounds without water in it.

How long is the power cord?

It’s a 10-foot GFCI power cord, so keep this in mind before placement.

What is the capacity of the hot tub?

It can hold 195 gallons of water.


The Smart for Life Hot Tub seats 4 people very comfortably. It’s deep and has powerful jets that will melt away your stress. It’s a great place to have guests when you host parties or invite another couple to enjoy the spa with you.

The extra features like the LED lights, locking cover, stairs, and waterfall make this spa a great purchase.


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