Scholarship 2017 Winner Announcement!

Backyard Gnome's scholarship program

Today we finally chose a winner for our Spring / Summer 2017 Scholarship Contest!

We received a lot of great applications and articles which we felt we excellent, so that made our choice that much tougher.

In the end, we chose a great article we received called  “After Prom Party Ideas for Throwing A Bash at Home”, which teaches parents how to throw a post-prom party in a way that ensures a good time is had by all and there’s no mischief.  We just loved it!

To everyone who applied, we want to thank you for doing so, and we also would like to remind everyone that another Scholarship Contest will be coming soon within the next 4-6 months with another cash prize, so keep your eyes open for that.

Thanks again,

The Backyard Gnome


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