SAFTRON Spa Floor Rail Review

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The SAFTRON Spa Floor Rail is a versatile spa railing that can be moved as needed without having to uninstall it. Some spa railings have to be removed, so the hot tub or spa can be winterized. That’s not a concern with this railing. It can be pivoted out of the way as needed. It’s cool to the touch when out in the hot sun. It’s resistant to many of the conditions that could ruin other railings.

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Features of the SAFTRON Spa Floor Rail

  • Variety of colors
  • Pivots easily
  • Color not painted
  • Corrosion free
  • 24” high by 18” wide
  • Installation hardware included


The company has been giving the public safety rails for a variety of applications. They’ve been constructed quality railings for over 30 years. They understand that safety is a huge concern for anyone who has a pool, spa, or hot tub. They even make railings for balconies where safety is of high concern.

SAFTRON uses the best materials and continually works towards improving their products and offerings. All of their railings are made in America in their factory where they can be sure of the quality construction from start to finish.

Variety of Colors

The Saftron Spa Floor Rail is available in 6 different colors. There’s the choice of beige, black, taupe, gray, graphite gray, or white. The wonderful thing about this railing is that the color isn’t painted onto the metal. It’s an integral part of the metal itself. Powder coated railings can sometimes peel or chip if they’re not applied properly. That will never happen with this safety railing.

The finish will never be impacted by the sun blazing on it all day. This can be used outdoors for your in-ground or recessed spa. It won’t need to be removed for any reason. If you use this railing with a salt water spa, there’s no reason to worry. It won’t corrode when exposed to salt water.

Easy to Install

The railing comes with all the hardware needed to install it. The hardware is incredibly hardy and well-constructed, too. There are 3 stainless steel lag bolts, washers, and anchors included in the installation kit.

The mounting base is included, too. It’s made of a PVC composite that is very rugged. It’s dense and strong. You won’t have to worry about this piece breaking or bending when you’re pulling yourself out of the spa.

Resistant to the Elements

All the railings from SAFTRON are made with unique polymers, resins, and metals that are resistant to the elements. The punishing rays of the sun can often beat down on railings and other outdoor equipment to fade and damage the integrity of the product. The company uses a unique blend of materials that are resistant to UV light as well as damage that can come from salt spray or other abusive outdoor conditions.

The spa railing is virtually bulletproof when it comes to being outside in the environment. It won’t require any kind of maintenance. You won’t have to paint the railing or sand it down after it has begun to rust. It’ll never rust, chip, or flake.

Pivots with Lift & Turn Base

This railing provides 9 inches of clearance between the bottom of the railing and the spa. That’s fine for spas and hot tubs that are in-ground or recessed in the deck. That might not be enough room when you’re adding the cover over the top of the spa.

One of the best features of this railing is its ability to be lifted and turned without having to uninstall the base or rail. The handle can be lifted from the base and pivoted to allow for the cover to be placed over the spa. It can be moved out of the way as people are sitting in the hot tub, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far can the railing be turned?

The railing can be pivoted 180 degrees from where it was installed. That turns it exactly the opposite way from where it will be to help people exit the spa.

Can the railing be mounted to a wood deck?
It can definitely be mounted to a deck. That deck might be made of wood or a wood-like composite. The mounting hardware will work for all kinds of materials.

Final Thoughts

The Lift & Turn base makes this a great railing for recessed pools where there isn’t enough clearance to install the cover. It moves completely out of the way when people are enjoying the hot tub, too. The railing is made with materials that are resistant to the abusive outdoor environments that could cause other metals to flake, chip, or fade. It will be cool to the touch in the hot sun, too. That’s important if you want to enjoy the spa every day of the year.

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