Riviera Portofino Outdoor Patio Furniture Wicker 6 Piece Semicircular Sectional Sofa Seating Set Review

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Today we review the Riviera Portofino 6-piece sectional patio set, a unique set of patio furniture that will garner attention and create a cozy, luxurious hangout spot in your own backyard.

Riviera Portofino Outdoor 6 Piece Semicircular Sectional

  • Set Includes: four quarter sectional sofa seats, one umbrella holder wedge table, one ottoman
  • Features: waterproof fabric, rust-resistant aluminum frame, semicircular design
  • Notes: comes with either standard ottoman or ice bucket ottoman
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This patio set is sure to stun the friends and family, and impress guests. You can have a resort vacation right in your own backyard. This set includes four quarter sectional sofa seats that you can choose to arrange together in a semicircle or leave apart for individual lounging.

You can customise your furniture to the type of party you want to throw. You can choose to gather around the ottoman or sit apart. With the ottoman itself, you have the choice of regular ottoman or ice bucket ottoman, which of course makes the semicircular furniture arrangement quite appealing! Gather with guests around the ice bucket and share drinks and conversation in a close setting.

Along with the four sectional seats, the set also includes one umbrella holder wedge table and an ottoman. The umbrella holder table sits wedged in the middle of the sectional seats. The umbrella is not included, so you will have to purchase that separately.

The addition of an umbrella is highly recommended, for it will shade you and guests to keep the summer sun off your heads, while keeping you cool beneath it. The umbrella will also protect the cushions and furniture from the sun’s damaging UV rays.

The frames are aluminum so you don’t have to worry about rust. The fabric is brown wicker, with waterproof fabric cushions for comfortable seating. The waterproof nature of the cushions, combined with the ultra sleek design, makes this seating set ideal for poolside entertainment.

Whether you’re entertaining three people with you or you’re enjoying the seating to yourself, you can recline and enjoy the seating as a daybed by relaxing with a book and lemonade.

There’s a reason theatres and classrooms are designed with seats in a semicircle: to optimise hearing and seeing for all involved. This helps keep everyone involved in the discussion, while creating an environment for Very Important People known as the Inner Circle, in party situations.

Each sectional comes with a wide chair cushion and two smaller back cushions. These cushions are a dark blue with white piping, as seen in the photos. Please note it does not include the throw pillows from the photo: you will have to add those yourself!

These cushions are very thick, good quality cushions that are somewhat water repellent to withstand summer rains and the like. They are designed to be out in the sun for years without fading.

The ottoman, whether you choose the ice bucket or regular model, also has its own cushion so you can throw your feet up to enjoy a restful afternoon or evening of summer warmth. In the centre of the ice bucket ottoman is a metal bucket that you can fill with ice. Simply throw a few bottles in there and you’ll always have chilled drinks on hand.

If drinking isn’t your thing, you can keep non-alcoholic drinks in there of course, or you order the standard ottoman model without the ice box.

The wicker is composed of polyethylene, which makes for a high quality durable material. Wicker is a woven construction made to resemble straw. It is a classic summery material favoured for its lightweight nature. It is ideal for patio furniture as the weaves allow for airflow so the user doesn’t get too hot, while also being easy to move around.

With a sectional sofa, this is a great feature. The set has been designed with the user(s) in mind: sectional furniture that is customizable according to your needs, while being lightweight and easy to move around as you please.

Synthetic wicker is exceptionally weatherproof, so it can stand up to rain and other weather elements without becoming destroyed. However, come winter, we recommend two options if you live in a snowy area:

1) remove cushions and store inside, and wrap the wicker frames in tarp or other weatherproof cover
2) bring all furniture inside for full protection from extreme elements

There will be some assembly required upon receiving the item. You will want to get a second person to help assure everything is lined up, and to hold the pieces in place as you drill. You can also adhere Velcro to the bottoms of the cushions in case of slippage, especially if you are using this set near the pool.

The dimensions are as follows:

Seat: 26-35.83” depth; 20-30.3” width; 17-26.57” height

Wedge table: 26” depth; 15” width; 21.75” height

Ottoman: 32” depth; 32” width; 16.9” height

Ice bucket: 8.66” width; 5.91” height

With four sectional chairs that can be customised into a semicircle for an intimate gathering, or standalone furniture, or arranged however you like, this set makes for a wonderful backyard experience complete with umbrella stand for sun protection, and ice bucket ottoman for ease of access to a cool drink. The Riviera Portofino wicker patio set sells for around $1000.

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