We Review The Best Pool Installation Companies in Orange City, California

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When you live in California, an outdoor living space is not only ideal, but vital to outdoor entertaining. It goes without saying that you will entertain guests outdoors in this beautiful Californian climate. It is important to have the right backyard setup in order to improve your life and enjoyment, as well as providing a haven for hosting guests.

Two of the key elements in backyard entertaining include having a kitchen or at least a patio to sit and dine, and having a pool. A pool isn’t something you can install yourself: it takes the design and construction efforts of dedicated professionals who know all the ins and outs of accessories, liners, and design to work with your actual space as well as your desires and dreams.

Today we review the best pool installation companies in Orange City, California, to help narrow the process down for you to find the right fit.

  1. Alan Smith Pools – 227 West Carleton Avenue. 714-909-1392.

Alan Smith and wife Teresa started this company in 1981 using their life savings, and dedicating their lives to uncompromising quality and exceptional customer service. Alan was a pioneer in product ideas and developments, as one of the first contractors to pebble pools in California. He is currently one of the few that will hydro-blast a pool (which is exactly as it sounds: using localised water pressure to clean).

The sons Jeff and Chris were raised as hands-on workers and are proud to carry on the family business, which works by word of mouth instead of flashy advertisement, the sign of any successful small business. They have a 10-year pool finish warranty, and the warranty really means something as they’ve been in business 35 years!

Alan Smith Pools offers plastering, remodelling and design of pools. They boast over 25 000 pools in their resume, and will only work on in-ground concrete pools. This specialisation means you will get a quality result done by a professional who truly knows exactly what they are doing.

  1. Macri Vinyl Pools – Orange, CA 92868. 714-937-0844.

Owner Kerry Macri started working with vinyl pools and products in 1975, which led to a career focusing on vinyl liners from 1979 to 1988. At this point Kerry realized he loved being outdoors and looking at the liners he was both manufacturing and installing. This unique combination of skills leads to an unprecedented expertise.

Kerry is involved with every replacement liner installation and repair, and the list of services includes: in-ground vinyl pool liner replacement, custom installation, in-ground vinyl pool repair, complete resurface of pool floor, repair or replace pool equipment, leak detection, underwater repair and skimmer replacement and repair.

  1. Secard Pools & Hot Tubs – Main Office at 9292 9th Street Rancho Cucamonga. 1-800-843-8938.

Secard Pools & Hot Tubs is the exclusive home of the Islander Pool in Orange County, a pool that resembles a tropical island by peeking out slightly above ground. The staff is specialized in designing backyard paradise, all the way from relaxing hot tubs, to inground pools. The store carries an extensive inventory of replacement parts and upgrades for your pool or spa equipment.

There are 8 retail stores total, and this company has been in business since 1958. They are in the business of creating a backyard oasis or providing family fun. Their on-site manufacture helps to cut installation/labour costs for the customer.

  1. Sunset Pools & Spas – 20131 East Chapman Ave. 800-717-8673.

Sunset Pools & Spas is passionate about creating an outdoor living space to enhance the life and enjoyment of you and your family. They have a team of expert designers who will lead you step by step through a plan that will bring your dreams to reality.

They have been in business since 1982, creating pools and outdoor living spaces in Southern California. The process begins with a one-hour consultation in which they listen to the client’s needs and desires. Then, during construction, are available from start to finish, and extend their services to after-care.

Their operation is almost 100% eco-friendly, including equipment, accessories and the construction process itself. In the 35 years they’ve been in business, they have built over 4800 residential pools and spas, and remodeled over 1200. They also specialize in commercial pool construction, as well as remodeling for apartment and housing complexes, hotels and resorts, city and country recreational facilities and more.

They have many resources from which you can design your ideal pool, all the way from an extensive tile selection, to statuary and water spouts, to stonework or mosaic tile finishes. They build more than pools, too: they also offer outdoor kitchen design and installation. If you are looking to remodel your backyard or develop a new piece of land, this company has just about everything you need to get started.

  1. Premier Pools & Spas – 855-212-2210

Premier Pools & Spas is a self-proclaimed nation’s leading pool builder. They stick to their philosophy of staying with their customers throughout the process from design to building all the way through the life of the pool. They will meet for an interview to assess your needs and then install the finest equipment and provide comprehensive warranties. All designers are pool builders who know what’s involved in the engineering and construction of your pool, no matter the size or shape of your yard.


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