Prado Patio Sectional Sofa Set Review

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In this review of the Prado Patio Sectional Sofa Set, we’ll cover all the features that make this a fantastic patio furniture set. The smooth wicker is comfortable as well as being sturdy and durable.

This isn’t like the brown wicker that creaks dangerously as you sit in it. This is made of quality materials that will last for years without any strenuous activity on your part.

There’s some assembly required for the set, but it doesn’t take long, and you’ll know it’s assembled correctly when you do it yourself.

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Pros of the Prado Patio Sectional Sofa Set

  • Quality materials
  • Great construction
  • Powder coated iron frame
  • Weather resistant fabrics
  • Many pieces

Cons of the Sectional Sofa Set

  • Needs some assembly

First Impressions of the Sectional Sofa Set

As far as the construction of this outdoor sofa set, you’re not going to worry about it blowing away in the wind. While you might have to secure the furniture during a severe storm, quick gusts won’t blow these around one inch.

That’s important in patio furniture since you don’t want them to become projectiles or have to worry every time the weather person promises less than sunny weather.

While we mention that the sofa set needs some assembly, it shouldn’t take too long with the right tools and some help.

You’ll need to attach the frames of the seats and backs together to create one long sectional, but you don’t have to assemble the entire set from top to bottom.

Construction and Materials

The frames are constructed using wicker, which is a great outdoor wood type material. The base of the sectional under the wicker is a powder coated iron that won’t rust in the elements.

The powder coating is used on most outdoor furniture especially for the iron used in tables. It would take years of abuse to scratch, dent, or chip that coating.

Wrapped over that coated frame is the PE wicker. It’s an incredibly durable and resistant frame for the sofa set.

The cushions are covered with a polyester fabric that’s resistant to the weather. You won’t have to worry about leaving the cushions outdoors on the patio.

While it might not be a great idea to leave them in the pouring rain, they’ll be fine under an awning or porch roof. They have zippers, so you can’t take them off to clean occasionally, too.

Measurements and Pieces of the Patio Sectional Set

The set comes with more than a few pieces. It’s a huge, comfortable patio set with a left and right arm chair, two armless chairs for the middle parts, a corner chair to make the L shape, and a table.

Table is 30.75 inches deep by 30.75 inches in width by 14 inches high
Corner chair is 37 inches deep by 32.50 inches wide by 26.75 inches high
The left and right arm chair measure 32 inches deep by 32.25 inches wide by 26.75 inches high
The armless chairs are 32 inches deep by 26.75 inches wide by 26.75 inches high
The chair seats are 26 inches deep by 26 inches wide by 12.25 inches high

Details We Adore

We love that the wicker is made of a coated iron that can hold dozens of people. This is a pretty large patio set, so you’ll need it to be durable and able to hold vast weights from all the people who want to enjoy it.

While it says that 6 people can sit on the sofa lounger, there is enough space for many more people to sit comfortably especially if you want to have an outdoor movie night with everyone snuggled close.

The table is a nice touch, too. You don’t have to worry about finding a table to fit in with the sofa set. It’s always great when you can purchase an entire set and just accessorize as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there pillows included with the set?

You’ll get the cushions on the bottom and the back, but any other pillows you’ll have to purchase yourself.

What color is the set?

The wicker is a rich, deep brown that will hide any dirt from being outside. The cushions are a cream/beige color.

Is the glass included for the table?

There’s a glass top for the table, so you can easily set the table with glasses, plates, and bottles and not worry about anything spilling.

The Prado Patio Sectional Sofa Set is a quality, outdoor sectional that will fit into your backyard perfectly. It’s a wicker set that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

You won’t have to worry about a creaking piece of furniture that can’t handle a normal adult’s weight. This sectional can hold many people easily since it’s made with durable, sturdy materials in the frame.

We recommend this sectional for anyone who wants to have friends and family over for events.

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