Porchgate Amish-Made Mission Red Cedar Porch Swing Review

The Porchgate Amish-Made Mission Red Cedar Porch Swing looks lovely with any décor and with or without cushions and pillows. You can leave it bare and still have a stunning piece of furniture for your porch. You could include your own style with pillows, outdoor throw blankets, or cushions to make it extra relaxing. It’s a wide 5 feet in length while being deep enough to be incredibly comfortable. Especially with the rolled front of the seat, so it doesn’t cut into anyone’s thighs.

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Pros of the Mission Red Cedar Porch Swing

  • Western red cedar
  • Mission style backrest
  • Contoured seat
  • Eco-friendly stain
  • Includes hanging chains

Cons of the 5-Foot Porch Swing

  • No cushions included

First Impressions of the Porch Swing

One of the first things to strike us was the color of the swing’s wood. It’s a beautiful, rich red cedar that doesn’t require a ton of care. It might need a sealant if it’ll be exposed to the elements for a long period of time, though. While you might install this under your porch’s ceiling, it’ll still be exposed to sun, wind, and rain, which can wear down the beauty of the wood over time.

We love that the seat is curved at the edge, so you won’t end up being uncomfortable if you decide you want to sit on the swing for an hour or more. It won’t cut into the back of your legs like a flat seat would. This swing comes without cushions, but that means you can add your own style and color to this lovely swing.

Construction and Materials

The swing highlights the beauty and care that goes into everything the Amish make. They have created a sturdy swing that can hold up to 500 pounds. The mission backrest has quality, thick wood that will stand up to loads of people sitting on it over time. The contoured seating means that nobody will grow uncomfortable and have the seat cut into their legs over time.

The red cedar is finished with a stain that is considered eco-friendly, which is another consideration for Amish-quality furniture. All of their products take the environment into account when manufactured and sold.

You’ll need to ensure that there’s space for the swing based on the dimensions. The outside dimensions of the 5 foot porch swing are 59 inches wide by 23 inches deep by 23 inches high. The seat itself is 55 inches wide by 18 inches deep by 20 inches high. The weight of the swing itself is 30 pounds. While this isn’t very heavy, you’ll need a helper to construct and hang this swing with you. It’s awkward to attach the chains to the ceiling alone.

Details We Love About the Mission Porch Swing

Along with the beauty of the wood and the construction, we are impressed with the fact that the company has provided chains that you’ll need for hanging. They also have springs and hangers sold separately if you want to handle the hanging differently.

This swing is able to move freely, so when you’re ordering and hanging it, make sure to measure the space where it will hang. You don’t want it to bang against the house while people are swinging in it.

Suggestions for Use

You can add springs to the top of the chains. The chains are included, but the springs are not. We recommend purchasing the springs for comfort. This is a great swing with or without cushions and pillows. It looks like traditional swings that adorn many porches, but it’s a wonderful shade of wood that truly makes it stand out among other choices.

This swing can be used daily for enjoying the outdoors whether you’re hanging it in the backyard or on the front porch. You’ll be able to enjoy a glass of wine after a hard day while relaxing with nature, your significant other, or neighbors who stop by for wine or coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the chains that are included?
The chains are made for hanging from an 8-foot ceiling. You can buy extension chain or springs separately to customize it to fit your space.

Does this swing need a coat of sealant?
While it doesn’t require one, there’s no reason you shouldn’t buy a can of spray sealant and give this a quick coat. When you maintain the wood of the swing, you’ll get more years of use out of the product.

Is the swing sturdy?
Customers have reported that the wood is incredibly sturdy even if the swing itself is lightweight. It’s well-constructed and can handle any kind of weather. It’ll hold up to 500 pounds, too.


We’re nuts about everything Amish-made. They take their time, produce quality products, and care about the environment, which is reflected in how they make wood items. The Porchgate Amish-Made Mission Red Cedar Porch Swing has a beautiful, rich color that will last for years. The swing as well as the color of it will last for a very long time.

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