Ozark Trail Instant 10’x10′ Straight Leg Canopy Gazebo Review

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Backyard entertaining sounds fun and all. You think of the sprawling grass, the breeze in the garden, the drinks on the patio, the hot, hot sun blazing down. But that’s just it – the hot, hot sun!

While some of us like to feel its warmth, we don’t always want it glaring right down upon our skin. Overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays increases the risk of skin cancer. There are two kinds of UV rays: UVA, which penetrates deeply and ages the skin, while UVB is mostly responsible for surface sunburns.

The feeling and redness of sunburn comes from the body’s attempt to repair the damage: red blood cells flood the area. Sunburn shows that the DNA in your skin has been damaged. Even one bad sunburn every couple of years will increase your risk of skin cancer. And even on a cool day, you can get sunburn, because the burn comes from UV rays, which cannot be felt by the human skin. We only feel heat from the infrared rays.

It is very easy to be tricked! DNA damage builds up over time, and this is what causes the cells to begin growing abnormally and/or out of control. This is how cancer begins: a mutation of cell growth.

Ozark Trail Instant 10'x10' Straight Leg Canopy Gazebo Review

It can be very easy to enjoy the summer sun without risking skin cancer. Using a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher will prevent the rays penetrating your layers of skin, but the best way to prevent sunburn is using a physical barrier. In the olden days, ladies would wear lace gloves, wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses, and other thin cover-ups to keep the sun off.

They would also use parasols – but this isn’t about being fancy, this is about setting up a nice party in your backyard! And how can you expect everyone to have a good time if they are baking in the midday sun?

While some of us opt to stay indoors during summer afternoons, some of us enjoy the high heat and want to make the most of the summer weather. Today we review the canopy gazebo by Ozark Trail, a most efficient barrier to the sun.

Ozark Trail Canopy Gazebo – The Review

Ozark Trail Instant 10'x10' Straight Leg Canopy Gazebo Review

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First off, the canopy measures ten by ten feet, which is the size of an average patio. The cool thing about physics is that when the sun moves, shadows grow longer, so depending upon the sun’s position in the sky, you will either have one hundred square feet of shade, or more. The canopy comes with four chairs and sets up in minutes.

It is very lightweight and easy to carry around, making it a great option for not just the backyard, but camping or the cottage, or even a day at the beach.

In fact, you will want to take it everywhere with you, once you see the amazing wheeled bag it comes with! It also comes with stakes and tie-downs, so you can knock it right into the ground and don’t have to worry about wind or anything. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about it washing out of your skin!

Unlike the knight in shining armour who never followed through, this canopy promises to keep you protected from sunrise to sunset all damn summer long.

ozark gazebo review

The canopy comes in a dark shade of grey, and has 50+ SPF protection. It is made of heavy-duty polyester, which wraps around a durable steel frame. It stands at 112 inches at its center peak, which is just over nine feet. Lots of headroom for standing or sitting, maybe even jumping. Its height is customizable though, in case you don’t want it to stand at full height.

Later into the evening, as the sun sets, the adjustable height comes in very handy. In total, there are three height settings. This makes it a great option for adults and children alike. The chairs are lightweight and completely foldable, and store away very easily in their own bags, which are included in the package. They even have their own cupholders!

The canopy and chairs as a package are a really fantastic design. For example, the canopy’s smart design includes a vented top. Have you ever noticed the draught created just between your umbrella and your head?

That’s because the wind gets caught and split in two with nowhere to go. The vented canopy top allows wind to flow through and prevents it from knocking the canopy down. That’s right. No more lousy umbrellas stuck haphazardly into the earth. The poles measure one by one inch.

In the event your canopy does get knocked down by wind, (which could only happen if a storm blew in unexpectedly, or you were being careless, but let’s blame an unexpected storm), it is so durable that it can take the fall without showing any damage when it stands back up. The set of canopy and chairs sells for around $100.

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