Outsunny Aluminum Outdoor Garden Gazebo Review

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The Outsunny Aluminum Outdoor Garden Gazebo is a wonderful structure for your next garden party. It can be set up easily for a graduation party or holiday gathering. This can be a permanent addition to your backyard or special for an event. Either way, it’ll feel like a solid, permanent structure that will stand up to the elements.

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Features of the Outsunny Aluminum Outdoor Garden Gazebo

  • Rust-resistant frame
  • UV-resistant fabric
  • Spacious design
  • Vented canopy
  • Built-in drainage
  • Accessories included

Outsunny Company Info

Outsunny is a branch of the company Aosom, which is based in Oregon. They specialize in outdoor fun like gazebos, outdoor furniture, barbecue supplies, and greenhouse structures.

The US-based company takes pride in all its outdoor structures and accessories. They have some unique and innovative design ideas in all their gazebos and canopies. From permanent gazebos to fabric shade canopies, Outsunny has something for every backyard – even if it’s the smallest place imaginable.

Rust-Resistant Frame

The frame of the garden gazebo is made of aluminum. It isn’t just a simple aluminum like you’d find in an outdoor chair. It’s powder coated, which gives it added strength. Powder coating is much better than a simple coat of paint. It gives the structure rust resistance as well as added durability.

The structure under the canopy can be left outside throughout the year safely. While it’s not difficult to assemble this gazebo, you don’t want to install and disassemble this structure every year for the winter months. It’s an unnecessary hassle that you can avoid with this gazebo.

Vented Canopy and Drainage

The canopy is water resistant as well as being fade and UV resistant. It’s a coated polyester that protects the occupants of the gazebo. It also protects itself against the elements, too.

The canopy top is vented and double tiered to allow for air to flow through the top. Without the vent, the air pressure under the canopy would build during high winds. It could rip the canopy or cause the entire structure to be pulled out of the ground.

The canopy has built-in drainage for heavy rains. The water will never pool on the top of the fabric. It also will not flow and drip from the edges. Instead, it’ll be directed to the grommets for proper drainage of the water.

Durable Privacy Fabric

The garden gazebo comes with curtains. You don’t have to measure and go out and purchase your own privacy curtains. This turns the gazebo instantly into a changing room outdoors. It’s perfect for pool parties. Everyone can take turns in the gazebo without having too many people in your house. It’s especially helpful at the end of the party when people are wet. You don’t want them dripping through your rooms.

The privacy fabric can act as a barrier around your hot tub or spa, too. During the day, you can use the bug screen or privacy curtains. At night, it will keep your hot tub private for special moments with your partner.

Accessories Included

All of the bits you need for this gazebo is included in the box. It’s one box with everything needed. There are the curtains, metal frame, canopy, and stakes. You won’t have to wait for all the boxes to arrive. That can sometimes be frustrating if you get one box and have to wait a day or two for the other boxes.

Spacious Design

The peak of this gazebo is 9 feet high. That gives guests plenty of head room in the gazebo. They won’t feel like their heads are grazing the top of the structure. Even the tallest of your family members or friends won’t feel the need to duck under the canopy.

The gazebo measures 10 feet in length and 13 feet in width. That’s plenty of square footage for your entire family to sit under one structure. You can fit couches, chairs and tables easily under this canopy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the structure weigh?
The shipping weight is 85.8 pounds. The item itself weighs 73.4 pounds.

Does the canopy come with screen curtains as well as privacy ones?
It does come with both. You can use the mesh curtains to keep bugs out of your space at night.

Can the canopy be left out in the snow?
You will want to remove the canopy and store it for winter. While it could handle the snow itself, the weight of snow build up could be a serious concern.

The Outsunny Aluminum Outdoor Garden Gazebo is a lovely structure that will look incredible in your backyard. Even if you don’t have a party coming up anytime soon, you can enjoy this gazebo anyway. Imagine breakfast in the morning under this pretty gazebo. Enjoying your coffee or orange juice while gazing at the beauty of your garden. This is what your backyard is lacking at the moment!

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