Outsunny 7 Piece Outdoor Patio PE Rattan Wicker Sofa Sectional Furniture Set Review

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Patio furniture reaches a new level with the Outsunny sectional patio set. It’s not just camping chairs or iron mesh anymore.

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Outsunny 7 Piece Outdoor Patio Rattan Wicker Sofa Sectional Conversation Furniture Set

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That stuff is not pretty, it is not comfortable to sit in, it doesn’t bring anything to the party.

The Outsunny set, however, is a very glamourous and chic set with deep coffee frame, cream-white cushions, and red accent pillows.

This colour combination is popping and theatrical while maintaining a chic simplicity.

The Host With The Most

Backyard entertaining is a whole lifestyle of its own. Some people dedicate their entire spring, summer and fall to arranging furniture, gardening, making food, hosting and entertaining.

Those people know quite well how important it is, as hosts, to keep guests as comfortable as possible.

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Even if you’re feeding them drinks all night long, they will eventually notice the stiff back from a camping chair, or the uncomfortable hard armrest of a Muskoka chair.

They will barely sit for a full dinner if you have furniture made of iron mesh. Whose idea was it to use iron for patio furniture? Do you know how many dogs we’ve witnessed getting their paws caught in these things?

Do you know how many meals we’ve sat through, enduring mosquitos and awkward social situations while also breaking our backs in iron mesh chairs?

If you love your friends, don’t put them through it. Give them and yourself something comfortable and welcoming.

If you’re going to sit outside for the purpose of sitting outside, then have the decency to get yourself some comfortable furniture.

outsunny 7 piece patio set review

7 Piece Sectional

The Outsunny sectional set comes with seven pieces, which include a sectional sofa that divides into four pieces, plus two armchairs and one coffee table.

Altogether these pieces form a very luxurious patio set that you would think was made for an upscale nightclub.

And much like nightclub furniture that gets spilled on and danced upon, the Outsunny set comes with cushion covers that are water resistant, made of polyester cloth. If, in the event you did spill, the cushions are very easy to clean.

They are washable and zippered for easy removal and replacement. These cushions are incredibly plush and comfortable, measuring in at 3.9” thick.

The frame itself is also made of the good stuff, namely rust-resistant steel. The black weave is weather resistant rattan, a highly durable synthetic material that holds up quite well to outdoor elements.

Sometimes, due to cheaply made, uncomfortable furniture, or lack of furniture at all, the backyard goes to waste. You can change that with the seven-piece sectional set by Outsunny.

You can rely on this set to entertain for hours and make you the talk of the town. Make sure you build a fence though, because neighbours will be trying to come check it out.

This set will brighten up your yard, giving it a modern vibe with classic elegance. The presence of this set in your yard will encourage you to get outside and make the most of the spring and summertime.

You can lounge in style and customise the shape and layout of the sections. This is particularly handy for those with tiered decks.

While the sections do easily slide apart for convenience, you can also order connectors to keep the pieces together, should you decide upon a final layout. You can also order a special cover for the set, for rain. This will help prolong the life of the furniture.

rattan patio set pe outsunny

The furniture sits at eighteen inches off the ground, which is an average height for seating. Short and tall people will find this comfortable. The set is great for simply kicking back and lounging.

Outsunny’s Set Is Worth The Price

We love this set for being both functional and visually appealing. It sells for around $700, an unbelievably fair price for such a well-constructed beauty.

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The tempered glass is five millimetres thick for setting down your drink, book, or plate. It can also serve decorative functions: try adding a small centrepiece to the table, like a green plant for some interesting colour contrast.

There is some assembly required, of course. It will ship in five boxes. Here’s a tip: the short screws go into the leg components, while the longer screws go into the seat components.

Keep this mind while figuring everything out. We recommend laying out all the pieces with matching hardware before you begin assembly. It takes about six screws per piece, and can be put together in about an hour.

Each piece measures approximately two and a half by two and a half feet.

backyard decor sectional patio

Depending upon personal taste, some people have chosen to take the manufacturer’s cushions out of the covers, and simply buying their choice of foam and stuffing the covers with it.

One more thing we will mention is that while the set is weather resistant, it is not weatherproof. We recommend bringing it inside during the winter months to prevent mildew related damage.

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