Outsunny 10-Wall Party Gazebo Review

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This Outsunny 10-Wall Party Gazebo is an incredible size for any event you could possibly want to have on your property. It’s perfect for weddings especially. The current trend among brides and grooms is to have their reception in an intimate setting like a parents’ backyard. This is the tent you want for your reception. It’s also great for taking to flea markets or for yard sales at your home. It’s a huge amount of space for dozens of people to walk around inside.

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Features of the Outsunny 10-Wall Party Gazebo

  • UV-resistant canopy top
  • Durable steel frame
  • Eight window walls
  • Solid pull-back doors
  • No columns to block space
  • Adjustable legs

Canopy Fabric

While the fabric of this party gazebo allows in a ton of light, it will block 90% of the UV rays of the sun. UV rays are important to avoid if you don’t want to end up with a sunburn. The sun’s damaging UV rays can penetrate all kinds of materials if they aren’t treated. This soft top canopy is treated to keep you cool and helps you resist burns.

Along with being UV resistant, the polyethylene fabric is meant to be waterproof. It’ll protect your guests and customers from being rained upon, which means everything under the tent is protected. Whether it’s beautiful dinner settings or items you’re selling, the canopy will protect it from the elements.

Durable Steel Frame

One of the most important parts of any gazebo is the frame. It keeps the entire structure from falling down in high winds. It should be strong to stand up to high winds and resist bending. It should be heavy enough to stay in one place, too.

This gazebo’s frame is made of steel with a powder-coated finish. The finish allows the frame to last for years. It won’t rust, flake, or chip. This is a structure that you’ll likely set up and take down numerous times over the length that you own it. The frame has to be durable and strong.

The canopy is held high with that durable frame. There are two domes on this structure. Each dome is held high with that same steel frame. That means you could have two fans or lighting fixtures hanging from the roof.

Eight Window Walls

This entire structure provides a solid enclosure that repels the elements. It’s almost like taking a large room of your home and planting it outside. You’ll get close to the same amount of protection. In fact, if you wanted an outdoor space that will fit all your guests for an event, you can also add flooring.

This is a structure with 10 walls. Of those 10 walls, 8 of them are windows. It allows diffused lighting to enter the space. If this is a daytime event, you won’t have to worry about adding lighting to the gazebo. The illumination will come from the daylight outside as well as the diffused light coming through the canopy.

Solid Pull-Back Doors

The 9th and 10th walls are the doors themselves. The doors can be left in place for a solid barrier once everyone is inside the structure. It can be used to keep people out until you’re ready for them, too.

All of the walls and doors are customizable. You can add or remove the walls and doors as you like depending on the type of event you will be having. It’s possible to remove all the walls and doors completely to have an open gazebo area. That’s perfect for your yard sale or flea market needs.

Adjustable Legs

The legs themselves are adjustable. You can easily make the canopy higher or lower. Make sure that you’re taking any lighting into account when setting up the height of the canopy.

The gazebo doesn’t have interior columns, which is why there’s such a strong ceiling frame. The two domes are held up with a network of steel bars. Those steel bars don’t need any structure underneath. You don’t have to worry about columns in your gazebo. There are no columns to block your tables or mess with your flow of guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the gazebo be delivered in one box?
There are many parts to this gazebo, so they will be sent in multiple boxes. The boxes will arrive together, though.

Is this gazebo easy to assemble?
This gazebo requires a few people to set up. It’s not a structure that you can assemble and erect alone.

What’s included with the gazebo?
The 10 walls are included as well as the frame. You’ll also get ropes and stakes to keep your structure from moving.

The Outsunny 10-Wall Party Gazebo is a structure that will fit dozens of people whether they’re sitting or standing. You can add or remove side walls and the doors as needed for your event. On hot days, the removal of the side walls work well for ventilation. The entire structure is 29 feet by 21 feet. It’s plenty large enough for your next big event.

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