Outdoor Zero Gravity Chairs

Recliners and an assortment of proper lounging technology constitutes one of the most important features of a great backyard. However, a specific type of reclining chair called a Zero Gravity Chair deserves special attention. This is why we decided to dedicate an entire section to zero gravity chairs and recliners.

Built with unique technology and features, initially intended for space travel of all things, these chairs actually offer quite the stellar lounging experience.

In this section we will provide an overview of the benefits of zero gravity chairs, we’ll delve into the innovative design that takes your lazy Sunday beyond the final frontier, and, of course, we’ll review a couple of these fantastic chairs for you as well.  The buying guide featured will help you pick exactly the right zero gravity chair for your needs and for your budget.

We took a look at several of these awesome recliners and picked out simply the best ones we could find on the market. Indeed, these highlights are the true rockstars of backyard reclining indulgence and we cannot wait to walk you through them. The guide will focus on features, design, what to look for, price range, and of course, the products themselves.

If you take backyard relaxation as seriously as we do, then you know ergonomics are important for day-long lounging in the sun. With that said, what better way to optimize your lazy Sunday than with technology developed by NASA. “Zero gravity” isn’t just a fancy name for these chairs, but an important feature that provides the best basking experience from here to the moon and back.

A simple, but groundbreaking concept, they distribute your body weight evenly throughout the seat. You see, in order for astronauts to withstand the increasing gravitational force during takeoff, their chairs are designed to spread out the downward pull as much as possible.

This is an important factor in spacecraft ergonomics, however, it has some very neat health and relaxation benefits for the home. Now commercially available as a number of recliners and outdoor patio chairs, the zero gravity chairs are a luxury one cannot miss out on.

They function exactly the same, by making sure your body weight is spread out across the entire surface of the chair evenly. This way, when you’re taking it easy, the downward pressure on your body is not focused on any one spot, allowing for massive health benefits such as reduced pressure on joints and your spine.

This further reduces muscle tension and is just great for any kind of nagging back pain or discomfort. Additionally, the tilt of the chair gets your feet to raise above the level of your heart which is excellent for circulation. This allows your heart to work less leading to a much more relaxing and healthy lounging experience.

The improved circulation further helps prevent the formation of conditions such as varicose veins. At the same time, the evenly distributed weight also allows your lungs to do their job that much easier, adding to the many ergonomic and health benefits of this design. At the end of the day, the thing which is of utmost importance is how great these chairs feel.

They give you a true sense of weightlessness. The reduced pressure on your muscles, your joints and bones, your heart, and your lungs, coupled with the blissfully comfortable reclined position, make it feel as if you are lounging on a cloud. So much so, that most people have said it helps with their sleep.

It’s been said that you haven’t felt the joy of dozing off unexpectedly in your backyard until you’ve done so in a zero gravity chair. Indeed, people who have made zero gravity chairs part of their daily routine often comment how easy it is to doze off in them, often without even intending to do so.

Can outdoor cat naps even be so heavenly? We believe so! Just be careful not to get an unexpected tan with your unexpected nap. Altogether, these features make for one of the best ways to kick back and relax.


By switching to a zero gravity chairs for your reclining pleasure you benefit from:

  • Reduced stress and pressure on your spine
  • Improved circulation and blood oxygenation levels
  • Reduced stress on your heart
  • Easier respiration and reduced stress on your lungs
  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Excellent back and neck support
  • Decreased stress on your joints
  • Better circulation overall, especially in the legs
  • Reduces your chances of varicose veins

If you want to take a look at a couple of specific examples, our review of the best outdoor zero gravity recliners goes over some of the best ones out there.

What is the ‘zero gravity position’ ?


The ‘zero gravity position’ is the position you recline in into a zero gravity chair. Now, there are two reasons behind this name. This all dates back to original NASA research on how taking off into space affects the human body.

First thing to consider is the massive acceleration of a shuttle during takeoff. Imagine how you would get pushed back into your seat when a car accelerates. If sudden and at high speeds, being in an accelerating car can actually put strain on your neck and back.

Now imagine the type of strain generated by being in a shuttle taking off into the sky at tremendous speeds. In order to mitigate the stress on the human body, scientists have developed the zero gravity position which distributes the weight of a person evenly into the chair.

This makes it so that your body absorbs the downward force as effectively as possible, without putting any excessive stress on any specific part of your body. For astronauts, this is a critical part of getting up into outer space. For people like us at home, it happens to be one of the best ways to recline and have an absolutely delightful evening sitting around the backyard.

The second reason this is called ‘the zero gravity position’ is because the chair mimics the exact position the human body takes when floating in zero gravity. Scientists noticed that a person’s legs would float slightly above the level of their heart, at about a 120-130 degree angle between the thighs and the abdomen.

The reason this is important is because this seems to be the position our bodies like the most. If you think about it, when a body is floating in zero gravity, it can take any shape and position feels most natural and comfortable. Therefore, this is the position that exerts the least amount of stress on the body and hence the most comfortable.

This also means it is the position in which the heart and lungs function most easily leading to reduced strain on one’s lungs and cardiovasular system.  All in all, these features add up to one of the most comfortable and ergonomic experiences for simply lounging around.

What’s a Zero Gravity Chair?


As mentioned above, the zero gravity position is the most ergonomically perfect alignment for one’s body. It is focused on reducing gravitational strain on muscles, joints, and bones, as well as minimizing cardiovasulcar and pulmonary stress. Zero gravity chairs are chairs especially designed to achieve just that.

This is why we more than enthusiastically recommend it for any backyard enthusiast and connoisseur. Truly, it is a piece of your backyard ensemble that you do not want to miss out on because anti gravity chairs are the most comfortable seating technology known to humankind.

Zero gravity chairs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as simpler or more complicated designs with varying pricepoints. They can come in sets of two outdoor chairs or even as larger loveseat recliners for two people. This is why we’ve decided to dedicate an entire page and buyer’s guide to this wonderful product line. Do read on…

Zero Gravity Chair in Backyard

Health Benefits of Zero Gravity Chairs


Out of all possible backyard accessories and luxuries, the zero gravity chair (or an ensemble thereof) is truly a remarkable component because the blissful comfort is matched by its renowned health benefits.

For those who suffer from a bad back, any kind of cardiovascular condition, or even those who have trouble falling asleep sometimes, the zero gravity chair is like a spacepod of comfort and relief.

As with any ergonomic product, however, do note that in order to fully enjoy all of its health benefits, it needs to be properly calibrated for your body.

Always carefully review the instructions that come with the chair and definitely consult your physician if you have had surgery on your back or suffer from any heart or pulmonary conditions.

Reduced Pressure on the Spine

The first thing one might notice when first sitting on a zero gravity chair is how kind it is to your back. All day long, your back and your muscles are subjected to the pressures of gravity as they work to keep you upright and balanced throughout all your activities. The ongoing stress can eventually cause back and muscle pain.

While a lot of mattresses can be great at relieving physical stresses on the body, a lot of them don’t fully adjust to your body shape, and ultimately, don’t completely remove all possible strains on your muscles, joints, and bones. Even when laying flat on a bed, there are still forces concentrated on parts of your spine and your back muscles.

When reclining into a zero gravity chair, however, it cradles you into the exact position that your body is naturally shaped around, making sure that all possible stressors are removed so that you can relax in a way that only the space age can provide.

Improved Cardiovascular Activity

When sitting upright or even on a chair throughout your day, your heart is constantly working against gravity to pump blood throughout your body. It is an effort especially for your heart to pump blood back from your lower body so that it can be redistributed through your body once more.

When cradled in the zero gravity position, it is actually easiest for your heart to pump blood throughout your body. Especially with legs raised above the level of the heart, the return trip of the blood pumping cycle is made as efficient as possible.

Your cardiovascular system is working with gravity instead of against it. This leads to improved circulation, blood pressure, and reduced strain on your heart.

Improved Lung Capacity and Respiration

The zero gravity position improves blood oxygenation by reducing stress on the lungs and diaphragm. By neutralizing strain on the lungs and diaphragm, it allows the lungs to fill up with air and expand much easier than usual, leading to improved pulmonary functionality.

Reduced Muscle Tension

Throughout the day, whether you are slouching on a couch or sitting in perfect posture at a desk, your muscles are constantly fighting the force of gravity to keep you upright.

This puts quite an amount of pressure on your lower back as your muscles are trying to undo the constant compression on your spine.

When reclined in the zero gravity position, there is no more compression on your spine, allowing your muscles to relax and be fully restored by the oxygen rich blood easily cycling through your body.

Reduced Tension in The Back and Neck

Normally, your spine has an “S” shape. However, gravitational forces and stressors from everyday activity, especially things like sitting at a desk all day, pressure the spine into more of a “C” shape.

This is unhealthy for your back and can cause a fair amount of trouble down the road. By neutralizing all gravitational forces, the zero gravity chairs allow your spine to relax into its natural “S” shape, therefore improving posture and reducing tension on your back and neck.

The reduced tension and neutral position can greatly improve back health and reduce pain from those suffering from tension in their back or neck.

Additional Benefits from Zero Gravity Chairs Include:

  • Reduces stress on joints
  • Improved circulation in the legs and reducing of leg swelling
  • Reduces chances of conditions such as varicose veins

Different Types of Zero Gravity Chairs


Zero gravity chairs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The following section will give you an overview of the different options available so that you can figure out which type of anti gravity chair is best for your relaxation and backyard needs.

You can also view a ranking of the top 5 zero gravity chairs and recliners in order to make as informed of a decision as possible. As well, it is worth mentioning that a lot of these zero gravity chairs and recliners come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours so do read on!

Zero Gravity Recliners for Your Patio

Very luckily for our readers, the zero gravity chairs designed for patio use are actually the cheapest!  The highly portable outdoor zero gravity chairs and recliners are some of the cheapest out there. They are constructed with a powder coated metal frame and steel mesh which makes them both weather and UV resistant, which is perfect for backyard use.

While they might need occasional replacement due to regular wear and tear, they are actually very reasonably priced, sometimes coming in packs of TWO depending on the manufacturer. It varies from product to product, but they often come with accessory packs which can include drink holders, adjustable headrests for better lumbar support, or even full on canopies that shelter your face from the sun.

Loveseats for Zero Gravity Enthusiasts

The zero gravity loveseat is exactly what you would expect! It is a zero gravity chair built for two. It’s the perfect relaxation accessory for spending some time with a friend or partner. The double seater has exactly the same benefits as a regular zero gravity chair, except it is built for two people.

As one would anticipate, it is twice as wide, supports twice the weight (being able to sustain up to 450 – 600 lbs), and actually comes with twice the accessories as well (so two adjustable headrests, two drink holders, etc).

It is absolutely perfect for reclining into sheer bliss with one’s buddy or soulmate and just having the time of your life in the backyard. The only possible downfall is that you would have to recline into the same position.

With the adjustable settings and because two people are reclining into the same chair, it means both people have to use the same chair and position settings. This isn’t usually an issue, however, if you and your friend might have different preferences for zero gravity chair settings, you might benefit more from a set of two separate chairs.

Otherwise, if you can share the same settings and incline, you should have no problem using the most comfortable loveseat design in the known universe.

Oversized and Super Large Zero Gravity Chairs

The oversized zero gravity chairs are an excellent choice for those who feel like the standard chair doesn’t quite do the trick and might need a larger seating area.

The oversized zero gravity chairs are still designed to fit one person, however the have a larger overall surface and are even able to sustain a larger weight capacity (usually up to 30 or 50 lbs more). While still being quite portable, the larger zero gravity chairs are a touch heavier than their regular sized counterparts.

Buyer’s Guide for Zero Gravity Chairs

Deciding that you need a zero gravity chair (or several) for your backyard is an easy process. We all need to recline in the most comfortable position known to humankind! However, deciding on a specific model can be a bit trickier. This is why we have set up this buying guide just for you.

While there are outdoor and indoor zero gravity chairs, you will actually find the outdoor variety might be the most practical. Indeed, they are quite a bit lighter and less bulky than their indoor counterparts, however, they are not at all shy nor less effective for indoor use (and as an outdoor products site, we won’t judge you too much if you decide to take your outdoor zero gravity chair into the living room for a couple hours!).  Nevertheless, let’s take a look at pricing and product sizing/shapes.


How much is blissful reclining comfort worth? Personally, we think it is immeasurable, especially given the health benefits. Luckily, the monetary price of such relaxation isn’t nearly too bad! Starting at around $50 (give or take) and capping out at no more than $300, outdoor zero gravity chairs are quite the affordable luxury.

Even more so, with the maximum price tag of $300 and the durable outdoor design, it isn’t at all that expensive to replace them over the years once natural wear and tear sets in.

At the same time, should you opt for either the oversized recliners, or the loveseats, or even the sets of two separate zero gravity chairs, the price won’t go up too much, making this a beautifully affordable yet luxurious addition to your indulgent backyard lifestyle.

Now, one thing to keep in mind is that the bulkier indoor variety of zero gravity chairs can be quite a bit more expensive. Indeed, depending on the make, model, and brand, you could be looking at several thousands of dollars for an indoor zero gravity chair.

Definitely worth the expense for the comfort, however, we’ve seen more than enough examples of outdoor zero gravity chairs being used indoors as needed. Indeed, the much lighter and portable design makes them a great addition even to your indoor lifestyle.

And of course, as mentioned above, we won’t judge too much if you were to take an outdoor zero gravity chair into your living room for a couple of hours just to see how it goes!

Design and Model

Depending on one’s weight and size, different types of zero gravity chairs might be a better fit than others. For those on the larger or taller side, manufacturers often release XL versions of their zero gravity chairs. Standard versions of zero gravity chairs usually hold up to 300lbs, with the XL variations holding up to 50lbs more, so 350lbs on average.

Keeping that in mind, it is always a good idea to consult the instructions as one should always follow individual product specifications put out by the manufacturers themselves. Beyond that, if you want to recline by yourself, you know a single stylish zero gravity chair (in standard or XL version) is best.

Otherwise, if you are planning on having company over, a loveseat (for up close and personal hanging out) or a set of two might be the way to go!


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