Oriflamme Granite Fire Table Review

There are, of course, many options for setting up the ideal fire placement in your backyard, along with many considerations for each in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.  However, there is one piece which we simply could not overlook and have decided to rant a little about.  This one is dedicated to the Oriflamme Giallo Fiorito Octagon Fire Table which, upon closer inspection, you will find is nothing short of an absolute stunner.


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The full-on granite design makes it a heavyweight of style and aesthetic, featuring a bullnose edge which means it’s made out of one piece instead of multiple tiles.  This frees the design of any unsightly and hard to clean grouts, giving it an impeccable and sleek finish.  Sitting at 21 and ¾ inches tall and 45 inches in diameter, this luxurious firetable is sure to impress your guests time and time again, while also being a wonderful centrepiece for your patio.

In terms of price, we can see that it is a bit of an investment, clocking in at around the $2000 mark.  However, time and time again buyers emphasize that you do get what you pay for, if not more.  A firepit, or similar implementation, usually comes with a larger pricetag, often even with many associated logistics.

The beauty behind the Oriflamme Octagon Fire Table resides not only in the impressive design, but also how remarkably high tech and efficient it can be.  First off, it works as one unit, making it a very straightforward and hassle free setup.  Secondly, the innovative burner design provides a bright burning, evenly distributed flame to make sure it lights up your patio like no other, be it for an evening with guests, or a cozy night by yourself.

Dabbling into the technical details, the Oriflamme is designed to work with either propane or natural gas, putting out 65000 or 90000 BTUs respectively.  The dual propane tank system can hold two separate 20 pound propane tanks which are exchangeable on the fly for longer burning times without interruption.

If you’re looking for something to take your backyard patio setup to the next level and are ready for an investment that will last you a while, we think this is the go-to pick both in terms of style as well as functionality.


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