New England Arbors Hanover Trellis Review

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If you are an enthusiastic gardener, or just enjoy spending time outdoors, a trellis can prove to be a great addition to the yard. A trellis is essentially a framework of lattice used in gardening.

The introduction of a trellis will completely change the way you view gardening and growing your own food. If you’ve never considered growing your own food, a trellis can indeed help make this possible.

Some plants commonly grown on trellises include clematis, trumpet vine, wisteria, climbing hydrangea, and roses. As for edible plants, you can grow tomatoes, pole beans, peas, squash, and cucumbers.

Basically any plant that grows on a vine can be grown on a trellis. An advantage to growing vegetables on a trellis is elevating them from the ground.

When produce grows in the ground, especially if it is a leafy plant, the vegetable or fruit itself can become tangled in the leaves and lost in shadow. This ends up suffocating it and causing it to rot quickly. Watering at the stem base is also easier this way, and prevents the development of fungal disease.

When they are able to grow off the ground, they last much longer. A trellis also provides the benefit of growing the fruit or vegetable more at eye level, making them easier to find and harvest. As well, the fruit or vegetable receives equal light on all sides, allowing them to grow in more uniform shape, and stays cleaner since it won’t grow in the england hanover vinyl trellis

If you don’t care to grow your own food but are looking for ways to beautify your yard, a trellis is also perfect for this purpose. A trellis will guide any climbing plants, providing structural support while keeping them in a gathered area. As we mentioned, there are several beautiful flowering plants that can be grown on a trellis, such as roses or climbing hydrangea.

A trellis can be used to cover unsightly areas, or create living walls in the garden for an utterly romantic and beautiful surrounding, while adding privacy for an intimate space.

Today we review the New England Arbors Hanover trellis. This trellis is an ultra-sturdy garden accessory composed of polyvinyl chloride, a material that is proven to hold up over the course of decades while requiring little to no maintenance at all.

Trellises are often made of wood, but wood is prone to rot and eventual breakdown, while requiring occasional maintenance like painting, staining, cleaning, or reassembling. Wrought iron is another common trellis material, but iron is prone to rust, and can burn plants as metal is a significant conductor of heat.

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Let’s look at the specifics of the Hanover model:

The trellis measures 77.375” tall by 37” wide, made of high-quality PVC that will not break or rot. In fact, New England Arbors provides a twenty-year warranty on this. The trellis is not freestanding; it must be anchored into the ground with pressure-treated wood. You can do this by anchoring the posts to 2x4s (cut to size) and then setting the wood in cement.

This is especially important if you live in a sandy area or plan to grow very heavy plants on the trellis. It comes with leg extensions that attach to the main body of the trellis with screws. These leg extensions can be cemented in, and if you want to move the trellis later, you simply remove the main body from the extensions and this will cause no damage.

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There is some assembly required. All hardware is included with instructions. You’ll note the instructions specify protecting the surfaces while assembling: this is because the PVC may get scratched depending on where you put it together. Altogether you can have the trellis pieces unpacked and assembled in less than one hour.

It may help to have an extra pair of hands to put this together: you may find you need someone to hold the pieces in place, keeping them taut while you screw it all together.

A lovely benefit of having a trellis is that it will fill your yard with the scent of its flowers. Roses give a perfect perfume, sweet and gentle. Grapes are another lovely option for a trellis, and you will notice their fresh fragrance.

Grapes should absolutely be grown on a trellis for this will increase their shelf life and add fun visual to your environment; the swirling sprigs and bunches of grapes will take to you Babylonian times. By encouraging your plants to grow upward, you can create a private garden with living walls. It will be a very serene and beautiful end product.

A trellis can provide a decorative fence, a border, or a backdrop. They are often used to cover unsightly areas or can serve as an altar backdrop at weddings or photoshoots!

This trellis sells for around $200.

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