Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy Indoor-Outdoor Space Heater Review

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Today we review Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Propane Heater, the latest evolution in portable heating.

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This heater is one heavy duty portable source of heat. It runs at 4000 – 9000 BTU, allowing you to choose the amount of heat according to your comfort level.

With a radiant heater that heats spaces up to 200 square feet, it is powerful but clean-burning, being nearly 100 per cent efficient, with a heavy-duty wire guard that stops you and little ones and anyone else from coming in contact with the heater itself.

Extra safety features include an automatic shutoff that will activate if the unit is tipped over; it will also shut off automatically if the pilot light goes out or the heater detects low oxygen levels.

It’s ideal for use in garages, tents, workshops, cabins, porches, patios or hunting blinds, and will heat up to 200 square feet.

The heater also comes in handy when you need to heat a boat or an outdoor animal’s shelter. If using to heat an outdoor animal’s shelter, you should cage the heater so animals cannot come in contact with it.

After start up you can’t hear a thing, unlike most space heaters whose fan noises can become irritating after a time.

It has a fold down handle, a swivel-out regulator, and connects directly to a 20-pound propane tank that you will have to supply yourself. It is lightweight and easy to carry.

To replace the propane canister you just have to unscrew the empty one, and replace with a full canister. You should always keep a few full propane canisters on hand, in the event of a power outage.

Winter storms all too often wipe out neighbourhoods’ sources of heat. Those of us with wood burning stoves and fireplaces are lucky in these instances, but when everything else is reliant upon electricity, a propane-fueled heater will come in very handy.

You should never use this heater near flammable material or liquids, and you should have a carbon monoxide heater along with a smoke detector, as a matter of regular routine.

While the unit does not set off carbon monoxide detectors, it is prudent to use in a ventilated area. This is a fuel source-based heating system, which means it is dependent on oxygen.

For this reason, it may not work at altitudes of 7000 feet or higher.

Do you have a family member in sports, with games that run past sunset and into the cool seasons? Spring and fall evenings can be chilly, as you sit there for hours.

This heater is great for that too, and fellow audience members will greatly thank you for providing this source of heat. It gives an amazing amount of heat that will raise the temperature 20 degrees Fahrenheit in half an hour.

On the low setting of 4000 BTU, the heater can run for about 6 hours, while it can run for about 3 hours on high at 9000 BTU. It will begin to sputter and go out, and this is how you’ll know you need some more propane.

It does not have a thermostat to run on, just the high and low settings. It is perfect for heating the motorhome at the end of summer and early fall, and good to have on hand for those unpredictable power outages.

You can also take it camping, and use it to heat up the tent in the morning to make changing clothes comfortable. You will have to be careful to keep it away from the sides of the tent.

The back and bottom of the heater should not get warm.

When lighting the heater, it helps to hold down the switch in pilot mode for a few seconds after the first try, which will let out enough gas to light the pilot on the second go.

Then you can keep the pilot depressed for a few more seconds before turning to the low position. When you first run it, there might be a bit of an odor that will burn off in time.

There is no gauge to indicate how much propane may be left; it will simply run out. Be sure to travel with a few extra canisters, as the low setting will only run for six hours.

Due to the added safety features of this heater, such as auto-shut off when tipping, you can use it on boat cabins or in motor homes while on the road (or stationary and camping).

It gives radiant heat, which means the heat emanates gently, rather than using a fan to blow hot air. This is a far more efficient method of warming a space, and provides truer heat that will really warm the people using it.

It measures 9” by 14 1/5” by 14 2/5”. It comes with a one-year limited warranty. The Mr. Heater portable radiant heater sells for around $80.

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