Mr. Bar B Q Grill Set Review

‘Tis the season to be barbecuing. The sun is shining, the lawn is mown, and you’re having some pals over for a couple of cold brews on the deck. What’s backyard entertaining without some tasty, tasty barbecue? Barbecuing sounds simple but it involves a number of steps, and appliance-specific tools. You don’t want to be using your regular stovetop or oven tools on the old barbie, because barbecues use some serious flames and all your indoor shizz will get ruined by the high heat. Also, barbecues can get pretty dirty. They usually use coal and the grills require some good scrubbing. Then there’s the odds and ends used to cook and eat food you specifically cooked on the grill, like corn on the cob. Did you know there is a set available with all the tools in one package? Today we review the Mr. Bar B Q grill set.

Mr. Bar B Q Grill Set Review

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This handy set comes with a couple of options. You can get either eighteen or thirty-six pieces. All pieces are stainless steel, the only material you’ll want utensils to be made of. Stainless steel is highly durable, doesn’t rust, and can withstand high heat. The handles are made of wood, and for this reason we recommend hand-washing the pieces rather than throwing them into the dishwasher. A dishwasher is very harsh on wooden tools, but you can technically use one. Just throw some wood oil on the handles before storing the pieces for winter. This will help prolong their life. The grill brush comes with a handy leather loop for hanging next to the grill (you’ll want to use this a lot).

Let’s take a look at some of the pieces in the Mr. Bar B Q sets:

  • 4 corn cob holders. These pierce the core of the cob, making it easier to eat corn on the cob. Keeps your fingers cleaner and makes it easy to spread with butter, etc.
  • 4 skewers (okay to set on the grill, just be careful of the wooden handles.) great for kebabs, sausages, and did we mention kebabs? Try pineapple, onion, red pepper, and mushroom. Brush with barbecue sauce and fire up.
  • marinade brush. Very handy for equal application of marinade.
  • Tongs. Very handy for flipping steaks or other foods that are difficult to grab with a flipper.
  • flipper with serrated edge. The serrated edge is like rough teeth that can easily cut down pieces of soft foods. It also helps with grip.
  • bottle opener (shares a handle with flipper). Get the party started while you work. For cracking a cold one while you’re standing in front of the barbecue.
  • wire brush. Super handy for scrubbing the grill down after use.

Mr. Bar B Q Grill Set

One of the major concerns with barbecue tools is where to store them. You don’t want to leave them outside with the barbecue and they don’t always fit in your kitchen with everything else. Well this awesome set comes with its own dang tool case, so each piece has its own special slot. This will help keep everything organized as well as provide a sturdy cover so you can toss these into storage for winter if you need to. And it only weighs four pounds so you can get the kiddos to help. They’ll love it. Some people have mentioned the knife is a little dull upon receiving the item, but is very easy to sharpen and will perform like a cirque de soleil gymnast when ready. The tools have proven to clean up well and stay shiny after months and months of use.

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This set makes a great gift for any newlywed couple or students living in a dorm/house together. It’s clean design and handy case, as well as the fact that it includes every single piece you could possibly need to cook and eat barbecue with, makes it a great gift or thing to purchase for yourself. It’s not only good for barbecuing, but awesome for camping. It’s affordable and comes with every possible tool you could need for a successful barbecue night or trip to the campsite. The case holds everything right in place and protects the pieces from rain and other weather conditions.  A case is very handy as it lets you know what is missing, should you need to replace any pieces or go searching the yard for them.

We highly recommend washing the utensils before using. You should do this with anything manufactured, as factories can produce dust that will settle on the product. Don’t ingest the dust! Wash before use!

Other than storing in the case, washing before and after use, and coating the wooden handles with wood oil before storing for the winter, these are very easy to care for, and will care for you. This handy set sells for just $20.

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