Low Country “Daniel Island” Porch Swing Bed Review

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The Low Country “Daniel Island” Porch Swing Bed is a beautifully constructed bed swing made with quality cedar. The bed swing looks like it would be perfect in a living room except it’s made to hang from the ceiling outdoors. It’s a swing bed that will be comfortable for more than one person, and even the kids will enjoy swinging on this beautiful porch swing bed.

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Pros of the Daniel Island Swing Bed

  • Custom rope included
  • Large weight capacity
  • Fits thick mattress
  • Cedar wood construction

Cons of the Bedswing

  • Assembly not included

First Impressions

The cedar swing is crafted with care and skill. You can see it in every bit of the wood that surrounds this swing. While some of the swing beds look like swings with thicker cushions, this one looks like a bed hovering off the ground. That might appeal to some, but not others. We love how that looks.

The bed comes in two stains as well as one that’s unfinished. With the unfinished bed, you can easily add your own style to the bed making it fit with your current décor. When you change the way your porch or patio looks, you can sand and re-stain or paint the porch swing to match. No need to make another purchase of a bed swing when all you want to do is change the color.

Construction and Materials

As mentioned previously, the swing is made of beautiful cedar. This is a great outdoor material that will be durable throughout the year. It’s often said to be the best wood for outdoor furniture.

It has a resistance to bugs and decay that will enhance the life of the furniture. This resistance comes from the natural oils that exist in the wood itself. This oil is why bugs don’t love the furniture. You won’t have to worry about termites trying to eat away at the porch swing.

The wood is stable and durable. With the durability and natural properties of the wood, it’s been used as an outdoor construction material for many years, so it has a proven track record of lasting for a very long time. That’s important when you spend hundreds of dollars on a piece of furniture. It should be built to last.

Assembly and Tools

You’ll need to assemble this swing bed yourself. It’ll be delivered to the home, but nobody stays to help you assemble this swing. If you’re not handy, you might want to consider hiring someone or bringing in a friend or two to put this swing together for you.

All it takes is a strong electric drill to make the job go much faster. The swing will be partially assembled, so all you’ll really have to do is attach the front, back, and arms together. The biggest part of the job is finding a strong joist in the ceiling to attach the ropes. Even if you choose to use your own chain for the swing, you’ll want to secure it in a place that won’t bring the swing crashing down when people sit on it.

Details We Love

There is so much to adore with this swing bed. It’s attached with natural rope, which gives this a rustic feel. We picture this swing hanging on the porch of a log cabin in the woods. You can relax while listening to the sounds of nature as you swing yourself to the best nap of your life.

The other detail we are completely in love with is the depth and width of the swing. It can fit a real twin size mattress without hanging over the edge. It can handle the thickness of the mattress, too. You really don’t have to buy a special cushion if you have the right size mattress for this bed swing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What colors are available?
The swing comes in two shades of stain. One is a clear coat that gives the wood the lightest of shines and gives it a bit of honey brown compared to the natural. The second shade is a mahogany, which is a rich reddish brown. The natural has no color except for the natural state of the wood.

Does the manufacturer sell cushions?
The manufacturer sells cushion kits for this specific swing, but you’ll have to order them separately.

What are the measurements?
The inside of the swing can fit a mattress that is 39 inches by 75 inches by 6 inches.

Is there a weight limit?
The limit will depend on the chains or rope being used to hang the swing. The recommended weight capacity is 800 to 1000 pounds.

The Low Country “Daniel Island” Porch Swing Bed is a day bed swing that will look incredible on your back porch. When you want to relax while watching the kids play or enjoy wine with your significant other as the children are sleeping indoors, this is the swing you want to purchase.

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