Loch 200″ Inflatable Movie Screen Review

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We are so impressed by the Loch inflatable movie screen for a lot of reasons! What does this screen have on other screens, you ask? Several things, we answer. The first being that it can be used for rear or front projection.

It takes about one minute to fully inflate, using the included professional blower. The blower runs at 110 volts. It also comes with tethers and stakes for keeping it securely in place while you enjoy your films.

Loch Inflatable Movie Screen Review

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Additionally, it comes with a handy storage bag to protect it from dust and mildew. That being said, we find that this is rather like a sleeping bag or tent situation, where it comes perfectly packed but is nearly impossible to get back in there.

We recommend buying a separate Rubbermaid container and rolling it up for storage. Folding it will only put creases in the screen (though they should mostly smooth out once the screen is inflated again) and is very difficult to achieve with such a huge piece of material.

It comes perfectly folded in its package because it was done by a machine. We, like many others who have used the Loch inflatable screen, find it much easier and more practical to simply roll it up. It saves a lot of time, too.

loch inflatable screen carry bag

This thing is huge, like 200” diagonal huge, and ideal for birthday parties, camping, backyard movie nights, or taking it to the park. The aspect ratio is 16:9, the standard for laptops and monitors. It’s a great size for showing to crowds of up to 200 people or so.

It’s very easy to set up and take down and carry around, and perfect for setting up in a field or even beside a pool for the ultimate pool party experience. If you have any need for a big screen, like a town event or reunion or even a wedding, this is your solution.

loch outdoor movie screen

Once you own it, you can do anything with it, and be the grand master of parties. You can even rent it out to the neighbours, because they will certainly look at your yard thinking, “What is that fresh piece of entertainment?” and then come around pretending to be your friend and stuff.

Go ahead and rent it out to them, and this screen will pay for itself after time. Not to mention all the wicked fun you’ll get out of it.

Keeping Your Loch 200″ Inflatable Movie Screen Clean

Since this thing is primarily for outdoor use, it will become dusty simply from being exposed to the elements. We recommend washing it every now and then just to keep it crisp and clean and performing at its optimum ability. Every time you deflate it, it touches the ground and picks up all kinds of dirt.

loch 200 inch inflatable movie screen review

Over time dirt can leave stains that become so engrained that you can’t get them out. The screen does not detach for cleaning, so it’s best to lay it out when deflated, and do a wipe down with soapy water. The screen is made of a soft cloth material so it’s very easy to clean.

The soft cloth also makes it translucent, which means you can project images onto it from the front or from the back. The rear projection option makes it super convenient depending on your entertainment set up. Not everyone wants to look at a projector AND a movie. It also provides the option of hiding the equipment behind the screen and keeping it protected from theft, depending on the size of your party and who you’re inviting.

outdoor movie cinema

Let’s say you’re hosting a big party with a DJ who uses visuals as part of their set. The DJ will be very happy to hide behind the screen so that the crowd can look up and see the visual display and simply enjoy the music. It’s large size and 16:9 aspect ratio will have you fully immersed in its picture.

We just want to be immersed in big screen movie magic. Speaking of that, no more spending $100 at the corporate-owned theatre just to watch some new movie that you may or may not like. With the Loch inflatable screen, you choose the media. You can enjoy your favourite movies, TV shows, documentaries, picture slideshows, etc. You can even set up a gaming system and play video games on it!

large inflatable projection screen for outdoors

For inflation, it is important to note that the air supply tie-off is in the middle of the support leg. It must be closed for the screen to inflate properly. Set up is very easy. All you have to do is let the professional blower fill the frame, and once it’s fully inflated, you can take the included tethers and stakes and tie it down securely.

The Loch inflatable movie screen sells for around $449, which is a crazy good deal considering the epic fun you’ll get out of it.

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