Lakeland Mills Country Porch Swing Review

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The Lakeland Mills Country Porch Swing is a rustic piece of furniture that will look fantastic on a back porch when you have an outdoor space full of nature. It has a contoured seat made from white cedar logs and is incredibly durable for use throughout the year. The swing is a well-constructed piece of outdoor furniture that you’ll love for years.

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Pros of the Lakeland Mills Country Porch Swing

  • Northern white cedar logs
  • Contoured slats
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be hung from porch or frame

Cons of the Porch Swing

  • Porch swing frame purchased separately

First Impressions of the Wood Swing

There’s nothing we don’t love about this country porch swing. If you have a country style home, or an outdoor area that’s rustic, this couldn’t be any more perfect for your porch. It’s great how there are log features about this swing that make it appear like it was carved hundreds of years ago by hand. Even if you don’t have grandparents who passed down their porch swing, this will feel like you do.

The swing is in an unfinished state, so you can add your own style to the swing. Paint the swing, stain it a beautiful honey or mahogany, or add a shiny finish but leave it natural. There’s no way you could go wrong with this porch swing.

While not included, there’s a porch swing frame that goes with this swing. We absolutely adore this swing as a standalone piece that you can place anywhere in the yard. Consider purchasing the frame if you buy this beautiful country porch swing.

Construction and Materials

Northern white cedar logs are the materials used for current construction involving log cabins and homes. The wood is used specifically for its superior advantages over other types of wood. Cedar is resistant to rot and mildew, which means that your swing can last for years without rotting even if you don’t plan on leaving it outdoors throughout all the seasons.

Assembly and Tools

As with any swing or piece of furniture that has to be delivered and assembled, you’ll need an electric portable drill to speed up the process. Remove everything from the box and place it in one area before starting to assemble the swing. You’ll want to ensure that you have everything you need.

There should be instructions with the swing to help you place each piece in the right space, but it should be easy enough without the instructions. Always make sure you have enough screws to assemble. Otherwise, you’ll get halfway through the project before realizing that you don’t have enough to finish.

The swing is approximately 65 pounds, but delivery weight is 71 pounds. You’ll need some help to bring the swing into the home, assemble it properly, and hang it from the porch, gazebo, or frame. Have some assistants on hand to carry and assemble the swing with you to ensure it’s done properly and everything it tightened, so nobody gets hurt on a swing that could break if not done right.

Measurements – Hanging Your New Swing

According to the manufacturer, the product dimensions are 24 x 45 x 69 inches. That’s a good number to keep in mind when you’re considering a swing for your porch. If you don’t measure the space properly, you’ll end up with a swing that doesn’t work because it bangs into the walls of the house. That can be frustrating and could ruin the outside wall.

Details We Adore About the Lakeland Mills Country Porch Swing

One of the biggest things that struck us off the bat with this swing is that it feels very rustic. Surprisingly, wood swings don’t always feel rustic even though they’re made of wood. This one has logs for accents and the slats themselves look like they were sliced from logs without the process of squaring them off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a 5-foot swing, or are the measurements wrong?
The interior seating space is 5 feet, but the outer part of the swing is larger. People will often go by the fact that the description says 5 feet when measuring for the space.

What’s the weight limit?

The manufacturer didn’t specify a number as far as weight limit, but the chains and structure are what make them sturdy and reliable. If you’re unsure about the chain, buy a heavy-duty one that you know will hold your specific weight requirements.

How long will it take to assemble?
As long as you’re not stopping to smell the distinct loveliness of cedar, it should take a few hours to assemble this swing.


We really recommend the Lakeland Mills Country Porch Swing because we believe it’s a unique swing that will give you home a rustic feel. Consider purchasing the swing frame that goes with this swing, which is made from cedar logs, too. It’s really quite beautiful together.

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