Jumbo 4-to-Score Oversized Game Review

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This is an oversized version of the classic game that we all know and love. The Jumbo 4-to-Score Oversized Game comes with everything the entire family needs to enjoy a day outdoors in the backyard. Events or parties will be great when you can offer guests a fun way to spend time together.

Ecr4Kids Jumbo 4-To-Score Giant Game Set

Pros of the Jumbo 4-to-Score Oversized Game

  • Weather-resistant parts
  • Resistant to fading
  • Fun for all ages
  • Party game for tons of events
  • 42 rings included
  • Safe for play
  • Reset mechanism
  • Primary or vibrant colors

Cons of the Oversized Outdoor Game

  • Requires setup

First Impressions

This is a great family game for all ages. The problem with some outdoor games is that not every child can play. They are limited by their size or the fact that adults are playing. For example, kids can’t play football or soccer with adults in the backyard without getting trampled if the game gets enthusiastic.

With this game, every child can feel like they are able to participate. In fact, even the littlest members of the family can grasp the concept of the game and add the pieces to the grid.

Safe Game Play

There’s little to no chemical emissions from this game. That’s great if you decide you want to let the children play with this game indoors. When it comes to the outdoors, you don’t want an overwhelming chemical odor, either. The edges of the game are rounded to ensure that nobody gets hurt if they fall into the game, or it bangs into them.

The game weighs approximately 30 pounds, so you’ll want to ensure that the edges are not sharp. It could cause serious damage if the game were to fall and the edge were to hit a child. The company takes safety very seriously, so you don’t have to worry about edges.

Oversized Game for Outdoor Parties

The game is a oversized one that stands approximately 46 inches high. The width is 17.7 inches and the length is 47.6 inches. While the game is a fun size, the pieces are easily handled by the smallest of hands. Even if little ones can reach the top of the game to slide in the pieces, they can hold the piece while an adult lifts them to place the ring.

Convenient Features

You can leave the game assembled outdoors. There’s a large peg to hold all the rings for each individual or group that plays together. These ring holders are built into the game itself. When the game is over, you don’t have to grab all the rings or tip it over to retrieve the rings from it.

There’s a game reset mechanism that can be pulled to release all the rings onto the ground from the bottom. Each row has a small window for players to see the color of the rings inside as the game progresses.

This game is easy for young ones as well as teaching them to learn strategy. They’ll be able to see the colored rings and make choices for their next move.

Resistant to Weather and Sun

The plastic pieces as well as the game unit is made from a durable material that is resistant to outdoor weather. It won’t fade in the sun, either. That’s important in a game that will spend hours and hours outdoors. You won’t have to break down the game and bring it back into the house until it starts to get cold.

In fact, you could use this game well into the winter months because it won’t break or crack from extreme cold. Imagine this bright game against the backdrop of a winter-white, snow-filled yard. It would be fun in the winter to play outdoors. You can leave this assembled for the entire year.

How to Play

This is like the classic game that most of us know how to play. The object of the game is to make a row of 4 colors either across or diagonally. You do this by building levels of colors to beat your opponent. It seems pretty simple, but there can be a complex strategy for winning that your kids can master over time. It’s a great teaching game, and you can even have tournaments with prizes for the winners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it durable?
This game is incredibly durable. It’s meant to be left outside in the elements. Kids can be left to play the game without worry that it’ll break.

Can replacement rings be purchased from the manufacturer?

You can easily purchase rings from the company. All you have to do is contact their customer service department or order where you purchased the game.

Would this game work for a place where there’s a huge amount of children playing with it each day like a daycare or a church group?
This is the perfect game for that kind of environment. Instead of boring outdoor games they’ve played before, this offers a fun alternative.


The Jumbo 4-to-Score Oversized Game can be left outdoors throughout the year. It’s a great value for the money since it’ll provide years of entertainment for everyone in the family.

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