Intex Oval Pool – 15’, 18’ Models Reviewed

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Summertime is a wonderful time. Warm weather, time in the yard, barbecues, pool parties, and vacations, if you’re lucky. It can be difficult to co-ordinate trips with everyone’s work schedules, plus they are expensive. But you still want the experience of getting away, a place of refuge, where you can escape the summer heat and cool off. An above-ground pool is great for this purpose. Ingrounds are very expensive and require far more maintenance, and their upkeep is time-consuming. Above-ground pools give families the option of a backyard pool for a lower cost, and are safer for children as they don’t go as deep. Backyard pools will open up all sorts of possibilities to you and the family or whomever you live with. You can throw lots of pool parties, water volleyball, or just have a nice place to relax in the sun.

Intex Oval Pool – 15’, 18’ Models Reviewed

Today we review the Intex oval pool, which comes in two lengths: either 15 or 18 feet.  Here’s a picture of the pool to give you an idea of its size and look.

Intex Oval Pool - 15’, 18’ Models Reviewed

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This pool is, of course, oval-shaped, and is built for durability, with a water capacity of 2885 gallons. It is very easy to put together and sets up in about half an hour. It comes with a handy instructional DVD. Its careful and skilful engineering make use of strong steel frames that are powder coated for the ultimate resistance to rust. It includes the Krystal Clear cartridge filter pump, which filters a thousand gallons per hour (1000 gph), giving you fresh, clean water; a ladder; ground cloth for laying down before building the pool atop it; and a cover to keep out debris like leaves or bird droppings. For easy draining, there is a convenient drain plug that connects to a garden hose, so you can direct draining water away from the house and pool area.

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Considerations – Size, PVC, Fault Circuit Interrupter, Dual Suction

This pool measures 18 feet by 10 feet by 42 inches and sells for around $250. It also comes in a 15’ by 10’ by 42” version, which sells for around $240. Both models have the exact same construction and include the same pieces. Its sidewalls are constructed of super tough and strong laminated polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in a brilliant blue. The PVC has proven to stand up to hot direct sun in high heat temperatures of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The PVC stands up to sun rot. The only spot that might be subject to holes is the ring, but can be patched very easily. PVC patch repair kits are readily available at any hardware store. The great thing about these pools is the combination of easy assembly and strong support due to the metal frame. It’s great for yards that are long and narrow and maybe can’t accommodate larger, rounded pools. It’s the perfect shape for sports in the pool, like volleyball or doing laps! It will be the perfect addition to your yard, providing a hangout place for the whole family all summer long.

A very helpful feature, making this pool one of our top choices, is that it’s equipped with the ground fault circuit interrupter, which will automatically shut off the pump in case water touches the electrical current. This is a great safety feature that will help you relax and use the pool in a care-free way. As well, the dual suction outlet fittings help improve water hygiene and clarity by increasing the effectiveness of the water circulation. The cartridges of the filter should be replaced every few weeks. It’s amazing how quickly junk accumulates in a pool, even if the water is always circulating. It will pick up leaves, pollen, random insects, and scuzz from the surface of people’s skin.

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Plenty of Room for the Whole Family!

This pool has plenty of space for the whole family to enjoy it at once, or a group of friends having fun with a volleyball game. Its water will be around three feet, six inches deep. It lets young kids stand in the water and lets adults swim comfortably.

Keep in mind, while planning the location of your pool, that you will need room for a footpath as well as buttress supports. You will also need access to an electrical outlet so be mindful of your extension cord situation. We recommend keeping the pump going 24/7, however, some people choose to turn it off each night to reduce power use and noise. It’s great that the pool comes with a cover for this option. Some pool stores may recommend 24/7, and this certainly optimises protection against algae buildup. The manufacturer itself recommends at least six hours a day.

The most difficult part of setup could be getting the floor flat before filling with water. To fill it may take 6-12 hours depending. Some people leave the valve only halfway open to keep the hose in place. Once the pool is filled you can easily set up the filter and everything from outside the pool.

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