Husqvarna ST230P Snowthrower Review

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This is a review of the Husqvarna ST230P Snowthrower. It’s a powerful machine that will easily clear the snow from many surfaces.

Whether you have pavement, gravel, grass, or brick that you’d like to clear, this machine won’t tear up the ground while it shoots snow exactly where you want it to land.

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Pros of the Husqvarna ST230P Snowthrower

  • Two-stage electric start
  • Power steering
  • 16 inch tires
  • Remote chute rotator
  • Gas powered – 3.6 liter tank
  • 30-inch clearing path
  • LED light

Cons of the Snowthrower

  • Big machine – not best for less than 3 inches of snow

First Impressions

The Husqvarna ST230P is a big, powerful machine that is meant for huge snow storms. That’s perfect for those who live in northern areas of the world that can see continuous snow for months and months.

The wide, 30-inch width clears a huge path in the driveway or along the walking path you choose. In the long run, a wide width like that requires less travel and less time out in the cold.

When it comes to convenience features, this has some great ones like an LED light for times that you’re up before dawn to keep ahead of a storm.

There are heated handlebars to keep your hands toasty warm, too. While they’re not vital features to the running of the snowthrower, they’re ones that can make life feel a little less strenuous when you’re clearing 12 inches of snow from your long driveway.

Adjustable Glider Feet

The glider feet on the bottom of the machine can be adjusted to suit the situation. For example, if you have pavers or brick that you don’t want to ruin with the front of the snowblower, you’ll be able to adjust the gap between the ground and the shroud.

The shoes will glide across the ground at the desired distance while the snowthrower scoops up the snow and tosses it where you want.

Although the shoes will glide across the ground, there are times when small rocks and gravel might be scraped. You’ll have to adjust the shoes based on the material under the snow.

This will leave a layer of snow that you might not want. This is true of all snowblowers, and not a malfunction of any particular machine.

Maintenance for a Snowthrower

The life of your snowblower, like all home maintenance equipment, requires you to take time to repair, clean, or inspect the parts between uses.

While you don’t have to take it apart to replace the filters after every use, there’s a time each season where you should do basic maintenance.

For gas-powered models, that will involve checking the oil and gas before you use it. You’ll need to change the spark plug once every season, too.

The air filter should be changed at that time as well. Proper tire pressure checks, skid shoe inspection, and shear bolt and pin inspection should be performed frequently. You’ll have to decide how often you want to perform these operations.

Throwing Strength and Distance

One of the most important considerations for your snowthrower is how far the snow can be tossed away from the surface being cleared. You want to be able to have this snow shoot straight into the right area, which will logically be where it can’t topple back onto the driveway.

This powerful snowblower will eat up the snow and toss it exactly where you want it to go. It’s powerful enough to throw the snow into a neighbor’s yard if you’re not careful about the direction of the chute.

Choosing the location of where the snow will land might be your hardest decision. You don’t want the neighbors to complain, yet, you don’t want to hit your own house with the snow. It’s so powerful that it could potentially break the windows of your home.

Power Steering

The power steering makes it simple to move this huge monster anywhere you want it to go. One of the hardest things about struggling with a snowthrower is backing up and moving around tight corners.

The power steering makes it much easier to steer this machine exactly where you need it to go. It won’t feel like a boat sliding too far, and you won’t have to pull, yank, or heave this snowblower at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the manufacturer’s warranty on the snowthrower?
There’s a 5-year warranty on the machine itself as well as a 2-pull start guarantee that covers 5 years of the machine.

Can a person with limitations use this snowblower?
With the power steering, reliable snow tires, and power forward and reverse, it’s terrific for people with physical limitations who can’t shovel their driveway.

The Husqvarna ST230P Snowthrower will remove up to 18 inches of snow from any surface you have around your property. It’s 30 inches wide, so any time you’re out there clearing the driveway, you’re able to do it quickly with only a few trips up and down for most driveway widths. The features as well as the power make it a great investment this winter.

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