Home and Garden Spa with MP3 Review

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The Home and Garden Spa with MP3 seats 6 people comfortably while providing an incredible amount of jets to relax and soothe tired muscles and release tension.

Massaging muscles and relaxing in heated water can increase well-being, reduce anxiety, and relieve sports injuries. It’s not only fun to enjoy a spa experience with friends and family, it can be incredibly beneficial to your health, too.

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Pros of the Home and Garden Spa with MP3

  • LED cup holders
  • High performance pumps
  • MP3 Auxiliary output
  • Two speakers and sub-woofer
  • Insulated
  • Lockable safety cover

Cons of the Spa

  • Has to be hardwired for dedicated 220V/50Amp
  • Curbside delivery

First Impressions

The Home and Garden Spa with MP3 has a huge amount of jets for all 6 of the seats in the fiberglass spa. There are LED mood lights with 7 colors that you can change as your mood changes. The 90 jets will give you a relaxing, therapeutic massage that can relieve stress or sore, painful muscles.

The spa is well-constructed with insulation and a pressure-treated frame for the base of the spa. The shell is made of multiple layers of fiberglass for a sturdy tub that won’t crack.

The synthetic cabinet exterior looks like wood, but it won’t need routine maintenance to keep it in great shape. The spa has an ozone system installed at the factory that will keep the spa from being attacked with bacteria. You won’t have to use as many chemicals to get good use out of your hot tub.

Setting the Hot Tub at Your Home

When the hot tub arrives at your home, you’ll need to have some help carrying it into the backyard. The company only provides curbside delivery, which means they won’t bring it into the backyard or help you set up the spa. Keep this in mind when purchasing. You’re not paying for installation of the hot tub unless you do so separately.

You’ll need to hire an electrician to wire for 220 volts, which isn’t the standard in most homes. You can’t plug this into a normal wall outlet in the home. If you’re unsure of the amps or voltage of your plugs, have a professional check for you.

Entertaining Your Guests

Inviting guests over to your house to enjoy the hot tub will be simple because you have 6 seats to offer them. Each seat is deep and has many jets for them to relax with while they sit in the spa with you. It’s a great place for entertaining since you will also have the MP3 player hooked directly to incredible speakers.

There are two speakers and sub-woofers for quality sound along with LED lights throughout the spa. There are underwater, perimeter, and cup holder lights. Imagine sitting in the hot tub with your guests. Everyone is enjoying the massaging jets while holding wine. There’s laughter, music, and a general sense of well-being as everyone relaxes.

Stainless Steel Jets and Tubing

There are 90 stainless steel jets. That’s a lot of jet power to massage away muscle aches, but you don’t have to worry about cleaning and maintenance with stainless steel, either.

They’re easy to maintain, and the tubing is made from 100 percent anti-fungicide materials. That means less chemicals and less bacteria in your spa.

Locking Deluxe Cover

You don’t want anyone gaining access to your hot tub when you’re not home. If you can lock the cover, you’re keeping the neighborhood safe from wandering children getting hurt.

A locking cover is good for ensuring that nobody can use the hot tub without your permission. You never know if neighbors might be tempted to sneak over and use the hot tub when they know you’ll be away from home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size slab would be needed for this hot tub?
At a minimum, you’ll need a 9 foot by 9 foot concrete slab to go under the spa.

Is there a warranty for this spa?
The company offers a five-year warranty on the structure, shell, plumbing, and major components. The labor is 6 months, though.

How much does the spa weigh on delivery?
The spa weighs 900 pounds when it’s dry and empty. It holds 425 gallons of water and several thousand pounds when filled. It’s vital that you have a reinforced slab for it.


The Home and Garden Spa with MP3 is a well-constructed hot tub with dozens of jets to melt away the stress. It’s easy to maintain, has a good warranty, and will last for years.

You’ll have to make sure you have a professional on hand to wire a 220V socket for the tub as well as people to help you set the hot tub up in your backyard. The delivery guys are not going to handle that for you.

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