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Great Deal Furniture, also known as GDF Studio, has indoor and outdoor furniture and structures. We’re focused on outdoor, and are not disappointed by what the company has to offer its customers.

GDF Studio

Great Deal Furniture sells all kinds of furniture including indoor and outdoor pieces. They also make and sell décor items for the home. They’ve been manufacturing their own products for over 20 years.

GDF Studio sells direct to their customers in the US, and want to ensure that every customer is fully satisfied with their goods. To that end, they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Within 30 days, you can return your purchase to the company for a full refund minus shipping charges.

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor seating includes things like lounge chairs. Chaise loungers are comfortable pieces of furniture out by the pool. Nobody wants to lay out on hard concrete or on chairs that are made of sticky plastic.

GDF has lovely lounges made of materials like acacia wood and water resistant fabrics.

The company makes stackable wicker chairs with aluminum frames as well as club chairs with soft, comfy cushions. Outdoor furniture doesn’t have to be hard wicker to be functional.

Hammocks and Beds

Imagine being outside in the backyard with the sun on your face and a light breeze cooling your skin. GDF has some really wonderful day beds and hammocks in their inventory.

Their canopy day bed has an aluminum frame and water resistant fabrics.

It’s pictured next to a pool, but you don’t have to have a pool to place this in your backyard. We’re picturing this next to a lovely garden full of bright flowers. It’s a unique piece of furniture that would look incredible in your backyard.

While this one caught our attention, there are plenty of other beds and hammocks from GDF. They’re standalone pieces that don’t need poles or a roof to hang. Some of them are large and stable enough for couples to snuggle, too.

Outdoor Dining Sets

Whether it’s a full dining set or a cafe table with bar stools, there are plenty of furniture pieces to choose from at GDF. They’re made of sturdy, durable metals as the base. Any materials are built onto a solid frame that won’t rust, bend, or break.

Some of the furniture is made of wicker and can be stacked for storage. Others have cushions that can withstand the elements. All of the pieces are designed and manufactured with the outdoors in mind.

Firepits and Fire Columns

The company has cozy fire pits for you and your loved ones to snuggle around on nights when it gets a bit cool. You can use them for the roaring blaze on cold nights, or you can even roast marshmallows over the flames.

There are also fire columns where you’re getting heat without the metal ugliness of an outdoor heater. We love how ingenious these columns are. They’ll blend right into the background of your patio while providing a good amount of heat to keep guests warm.

The fire pits take propane or gas and can use lava rocks or other materials. There are so many to choose from that you’re going to find exactly what you need. The company has dozens of options from natural stone finishes to sleek marbles.

Umbrellas & Stands

Outdoor umbrellas can get in the way of your party or an intimate conversation on your deck. The stand and pole can get in the way. In some cases, the stand isn’t sturdy enough to hold the umbrella. Someone has to hold it, so it doesn’t fall or blow over.

GDF has cantilevered umbrellas that are out of the way for your guests. The stand and pole can be placed behind chairs leaving guests with no pole or distraction to their conversation.

The umbrellas come with heavy bases that are quite lovely on their own. They are made of serious metals that have weight to them. The stands are meant to hold umbrellas almost 10 feet wide. The stand has to be substantial and weighty.

Gazebos & Canopies

GDF Studio has curtained gazebos and soft top canopies that will look fantastic in your backyard. They’re great for covering your deck without having to hire a contractor, too.

All of them have hard tops and sturdy frames made from rust-proof materials. Those with soft top canopies are manufactured from fabrics that are resistant to water as well as UV rays.

For most gazebos, there are fabrics and netting included to turn the structure into an oasis in the backyard. These gazebos and canopies are ideal for events, too.

Final Thoughts

GDF Studio has everything you could possibly need for your outdoor space. With many people wanting to expand their homes, the backyard is often spaces that are overlooked.

The company wants people to expand their outlook and their backyard to become a space that the entire family will enjoy.


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