Gift Ideas for the Backyard Enthusiast

These gift ideas for the backyard enthusiast on your gift list will help you surprise them with a present that will make the backyard even more inviting. Even if this is for a winter holiday gift list, there are still items that will make the backyard lover truly excited.

The anticipation of using the gift will keep the person warm through the cold winter months, too. While their other gifts are used or tossed aside within a few months, yours will be waiting for them once it’s nice enough to head back out into the backyard.

Oriflamme Octagon Fire Table

With this gift, the backyard lover might not even have to wait for summer to enjoy it. A fire table is meant to be enjoyed on cool nights outside under the stars.

It can certainly warm up the cool winter nights as long as it’s not freezing outside. Blankets and a love seat will make the patio a romantic spot for the backyard enthusiast and his or her significant other.

  • Bullnose edge of one piece
  • No grout to clean
  • Luxurious
  • Uniquely shaped

Your gift receiver won’t have to worry about getting a fire to stay lit when it’s cold or windy outdoors. There are two propane tanks to be used with this fire table, and it’s easy to start the fire without finding tinder or getting the lighter’s flame to stay still for starting the fire.

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Sorbus Hanging Rope Hammock

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This is one of the most comfortable hammock chairs we’ve seen in a long time. It has deep, thick cushions and plenty of space for lounging and sitting back while swaying gently with the breeze.

The backyard enthusiast on your list might not even be someone who loves the outdoors because of activities like playing games. The person might just love to relax with a good book. This hammock can be attached anywhere that can hold the person’s weight.

  • Stylish design
  • Deep, thick cushions
  • Great for lounging
  • Weight limit 265 pounds

The hanging rope hammock can be attached to a branch in a backyard tree, to a strong post on the porch, or on a balcony. It’s portable, too. Anywhere the person moves or decides to move the hammock works.

Your backyard lover can attach it in one position throughout the summer months like under a shady tree. Once the summer is over, it can be removed to be hung on the porch out of the bad weather.

Deck Storage Locker

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When you’re outside in the backyard, you’ll have items that you use continuously. It doesn’t make sense to bring them all the way to the garage or store them in an out-of-the-way location.

This deck storage locker can be placed on the porch, against the house, or near the garage to easily store the clutter that can take over the backyard.

  • Capacity of 73 gallons
  • Quick assembly
  • Handles on all sides

This storage locker is perfect for storing pool toys because it has a stay-dry design.

Once the summer is over, the pool toys and other outdoor items can be placed into a bigger storage while the storage locker can be used for storing the patio cushions or other patio accessories.

It’s great during storms, too. Any items that might fly around and become dangerous can be stored in the locker.

Smoke Hollow Propane Smoker

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This outdoor smoker is for the outdoor enthusiast who loves to smoke his own meat. It has a huge amount of space inside at 3.4 cubic feet.

There are 4 shelves for placing the meat as well as a temperature gauge so he can see the temperature and keep an eye on the cooking time without opening the door.

  • Push-button ignition
  • External temperature gauge
  • Two vents for temp control
  • BTUs: 20,000

The racks are removable and at the top of the smoker are hooks for hanging sausages. If you have someone on your list who loves the backyard as well as smoked meats, this couldn’t be a more perfect gift.

All the gift ideas for backyard enthusiasts on this list will please them based on their interests.

You can cover the person who loves to read, the one who loves to cook, the person who loves to spend time in the cool, night air, and the one who loves to keep all their interests organized.

All of these items are pretty reasonably priced and will thrill the backyard enthusiast on your list no matter who it is.


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