Gift Ideas for Backyard Bird Watchers

Bird enthusiasts love to gaze at beautiful winged creatures in their own backyard. They’re not able to take a hike into the woods to spend the day watching for their avian friends. They have to stick close to home, but that doesn’t mean they can’t see amazing birds from their own backyard.

A few of these gift ideas for backyard bird watchers will help them to entice birds into the backyard or find a more convenient way to watch birds without causing them to take flight. Other gifts on this list will bring their love of birds from the backyard into the home.

While searching their backyard treetops, they might see a bird that they can’t identify. You might be able to buy them the gift of bird knowledge, which is a gift that doesn’t have a price tag. Fortunately, that gift of knowledge actually has a reasonable price as a gift.

National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds

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The one we’ve chosen for this list includes the birds of North America. If your loved one lives in a different area of the world, the Audubon Society has a book that will fit their region. On the other hand, they might want to learn about birds in other areas, too. The beginning of the book has pictures of the bird, so you can find them by sight before going to the corresponding page for more information on the bird.

  • Beautiful color photographs
  • Index of pictures
  • Vinyl binding
  • Definitive information

Backyard bird watchers can keep this guide next to them on the porch or patio and watch their bird feeders as they learn all the birds that are visiting. Beginners might not be able to identify any birds that visit, but with this guide, they’ll soon be an expert on the various birds that visit the area. They’ll know the nesting habits, overhead flying silhouettes, and the bird’s voice.

Wind & Weather One-Way Mirrored Bird Feeder

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This is a one-way mirrored bird feeder that allows watchers to see into the feeder from the back without startling the bird. It’ll stick with suction cups directly to the window. Bird lovers can sit in the comfort of their favorite chair and see the beautiful birds up close.

  • Holds a pound of bird seed
  • Easy to fill and clean
  • Birds see themselves

Most of the time, bird feeders are not close to the home because birds are startled by movement and sound. With this bird feeder, the movement is completely canceled. They’ll only see themselves in the mirrored back of the feeder. As long as the watcher can keep silent, the feeder will attract many different bird species directly to the outside of the home’s window.

Landove Spotting Scope

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This spotting scope will allow you to zoom in close to the object you want to see. In the case of the backyard bird watcher, the object of their interest is small, so this is a great scope for seeing birds. It’ll zoom into 60X magnification. The magnification ranges from 20X to 60X.

  • Waterproof
  • Fogproof
  • Tabletop tripod
  • Cell phone adapter
  • Accessories included

The scope includes a cell phone adapter, so the bird watcher can take magnified pictures of the birds they see through the scope. These pictures will be crisp and clear with great color due to the scope’s prism optics.

Cavallini Papers Bird Eggs Poster with Hanger

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This is a stunning wall chart that will let the bird watcher know about the kind of eggs he or she might stumble across in the spring. Even in her own backyard, the bird watcher can see eggs in a nest and wait for them to hatch. The chart will help identify eggs that he watches from the back porch or sees as he’s walking through the trees.

  • Measures 20 inches wide and 28 inches high
  • Archival quality paper
  • Poster and wall hanging kit included
  • Oak dowels

Along with being a great chart to identify the eggs of birds, it’s a great décor item for decorating a study or a family room. The bird lover on your gift list will absolutely love being able to see all the types of bird eggs that might be hidden in the trees even if he or she never sees a bird egg while hiking in the woods.

These gift ideas for the backyard bird watchers on your gift list covers bringing the birds directly to the window for watching. The list also covers gifts that will allow the backyard bird enthusiast to view birds in detail from a distance when they can’t get the birds to come to the home.

Before you buy a gift for the bird lover on your list, make sure you understand what kind of bird watcher they are now versus the one they want to be. They might be viewing birds at a distance and want to bring their avian friends closer.


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