Flexzion 10′ Hanging Offset Patio Umbrella Review

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This is the Flexzion 10′ Hanging Offset Patio Umbrella. It’s a canopy umbrella with 8 metal ribs that will protect you and your guests from the sun. The canopy is a durable fabric that will also protect you from sudden rain showers.

Instead of running in the house during a passing summer shower, you can enjoy the rain with a smile while sitting under your umbrella. This umbrella has such versatility that you can use it as a sunscreen as well as a wind screen.

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Features of the Flexzion 10′ Hanging Offset Patio Umbrella

  • Offset design
  • Vented top
  • Crank and cantilever system
  • Eight metal ribs
  • Durable frame
  • Polyester canopy
  • Has angled tilting

Offset Design

When you have a traditional patio umbrella, it stands in a simple position without much in the way of coverage if the sun moves.

Most people find themselves tilting the umbrella’s pole and holding it uncomfortably. Or they move their chairs around to try to find the shade the canopy has to offer.

With this offset design, there’s also a tilt option. The pole can be placed to the side with the canopy covering your seating. There are also 3 angles for this umbrella. It’ll cover more space without having to be moved.

The offset design includes the ability to tilt this sideways. When it’s tilted sideways, it becomes more of a wind screen than a sunscreen. This versatile umbrella has so much to offer.

Polyester Canopy

The 10 foot canopy is made from the very best polyester fabric. It’s durable and colorfast, so it won’t fade in the sun. The material will protect you and your guests from the UV rays of the sun.

The polyester fabric is meant for outdoor use, which means that you can expect this material to be very durable and strong. It won’t rip or tear at the first sign of wind.

At the top of the canopy, you’ll find a vented flap that will allow wind to escape. Without the venting, your umbrella could turn into a projectile with the slightest wind.

Eight Metal Ribs

The ribs help to keep the canopy secure and open. The metal ribs are powder coated to provide an enduring finish. The finish will be impervious to rain, wind, and other damage.

With a powder coating, you get protection for the metal and won’t have to worry about rust. It won’t peel like paint, either. Outdoor furniture with powder-coated finishes will last longer out in the elements.

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Durable, Lightweight Frame

The frame itself also has powder coating. It’s a light frame that will provide stability to the canopy. While providing that stability, it’s also easy to move if needed.

Any umbrella is going to require a stand or base that is heavy enough to keep the umbrella from toppling. This lightweight frame isn’t so rigid that it will break in the wind. It’ll move slightly without falling or breaking, though.

Angled Tilting

An offset umbrella’s base can be placed anywhere. With a traditional umbrella, it’s often planted right in the middle of the conversation area. To talk to your guests, you’ll have to look around the pole. If you want to reach across to hand something to your guest, you’ll have to avoid the big metal pole in the way, too.

Angled tilting means that when you’ve placed your offset umbrella in the right area, you can angle it to protect you from the sun. There are 3 vertical angles for this umbrella. You might also tilt the canopy sideways to block the sun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this umbrella come with a base?
A base will have to be purchased separately. You’ll need to decide whether you want a base that can be filled with water or sand.

How much does this umbrella weigh?
The umbrella weighs almost 30 pounds. While that might seem to be heavy enough to not need a base, it’s still required. The wind can blow away a 30 pound umbrella with an open canopy.

What’s the measurement of the pole?
The pole is 2 inches in diameter. This information is imperative for anyone ordering a base from a different company. The pole won’t fit in the base if you buy one that is not 2 inches.

Final Thoughts

The Flexzion 10′ Hanging Offset Patio Umbrella is easy to set up and simple to operate. The design of the offset umbrella is convenient while also being elegant and beautiful. There’s no reason you can’t have a beautiful canopy umbrella on your patio that is lovely to look at and practical.

We adore that this umbrella has so many options when it comes to positioning. Once you’ve planted this umbrella in its stand, you don’t have to move the stand at all to reposition the canopy. This umbrella couldn’t be more convenient.

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