Diensday Wicker Outdoor Furniture 5-Piece Conversation Set Review

This is a review of the Diensday Wicker Outdoor Furniture 5-Piece Conversation Set. It’s a resin wicker set with more than a few pieces for everyone in your family. It’s an intimate set where a few people can sit in conversation. The set is also terrific for a party.

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Features of the Diensday Wicker Outdoor Furniture

  • Beautiful resin wicker
  • Weather resistant frames
  • Oversized for comfort
  • Durable fabric
  • Tempered glass table
  • 5 pieces of furniture

Weather-Resistant Frames

When you have outdoor furniture, you need to ensure that it will stand out there without becoming rusted or weak. The steady rain, wind, and sun can actually weaken many durable materials. That won’t happen with this conversation set.

It’s crafted from steel, which is one of the most durable and strongest materials you can use for your outdoor furniture. When you have durable materials wrapped on top of it, too, you’re getting indestructible outdoor seating that can stand up to anything your family can throw at it.

Beautiful Resin Wicker

The frame of this wicker outdoor furniture is made of steel with beautiful resin wicker on top of it. The wicker is a material that can also withstand the sun, wind, and rain. The synthetic wicker looks like vintage materials that have been around for years. The resin is much stronger than actual wicker, though.

You won’t have to worry about repairs later like you would with real wicker, either. It’s easy to clean this resin material with a bit of soap and water. After a rain storm, mud and dirt will easily wash right off the wicker.

Oversized for Comfort

For this 5-piece conversation set, you’re going to need plenty of room. The square footage you need will be approximately 120” x 90”. That’s the space you’ll need for the chairs as well as space to walk around the pieces. You don’t want to cram these into a corner and have no room for people to get to it.

Each piece of the conversation set is capable of holding up to 300 pounds of person sitting in it. Although these pieces have a weight limit, most of the time anyone can sit in the sturdy chairs. The frames are incredibly strong.

Durable Fabric

Every cushion that comes with this wonderful conversation set is made to withstand the elements. It’s a deep red that won’t fade in the sun, either. It’ll stay that same deep red for all the years that you own it. It’s also resistant to mildew and stains that can come from water on the cushions.

The cushions are Olefin, which is a fiber that is used for its colorfastness, strength, and comfort. It’s resistant to sunlight and staining as mentioned previously. It’s also resistant to abrasion. If you have rough-and-tumble kids, they can play on or around this set without ruining the fabric.

Tempered Glass Table

Along with the seating, you’ll get a coffee table that is made with the same durable materials as the chairs. It’ll hold a lovely piece of tempered glass on top. That glass will be able to hold up to 50 pounds. Tempered glass is a type of safety glass that won’t break and hurt anyone. It’s a bit like the glass in your vehicle. Nobody will get hurt if it ever broke for some reason.

5 Pieces of Furniture

The conversation area features 5 pieces of furniture that also includes the table. There are two end chairs, two middle chairs, and the table. The end chairs are 30.3” by 29.5” by 32”. The middle chair for the couch measures 25.6” x 30.3” x 32” in total. The corner middle that turns the couch into an L shape is 30.3” x 30.3” x 32”. Each piece can be clipped to the next, so you can move these into any configuration that you like. The table measures 31.5 x 19.7 x 17.7 inches.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the entire set weigh?
The shipping weight of the set is 145 pounds. The weight of the pieces is 127 pounds.

Are directions included?
The manufacturer includes directions, but they also will send you a PDF document if you need extra instruction.

How thick are the cushions?
The bottom ones are 3 inches while the backs are 2 inches. The cushions are foam and sponge under a durable fabric.

The Diensday Wicker Outdoor Furniture is a wonderful 5-piece patio set that will look fantastic in your backyard. You’ll need enough space for the entire set, but the beauty of this set is that it can be moved into any configuration you need. You can group it together or spread them apart as needed. The clips ensure that the pieces don’t move around.

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