Char Broil Performance 475 BBQ Grill Review

It’s summer and it’s the season to be on the patio! None of us want to be at work and we’re counting the hours until we can be in the backyard firing up the barbie, and grilling up plates of meats and vegetables and everything in between. (What’s in between those? Bread? Sure. We do like a mean garlic bread wrapped in foil and placed on the grill). It’s the season to be outside, feeling the warm sun on our arms, sharing brews with our friends, cooking and eating on the deck. It brings such a feeling of serenity that is incomparable. Summer has this way of making you feel like you can do anything you please (because you can). At the heart of the whole backyard entertaining or enjoying experience is the barbecue itself. Who can resist the smell or flavor of smoked food? You can smell that stuff for miles and recognize it instantly. Oh. It is irresistible and undeniable. It’s important to find the right barbecue for your needs. For example, how many people live in your residence? Do you have kids? Do you plan to entertain guests on a regular basis? We’ve found a real beauty for you, one that is ideal for entertaining more than just an immediate family.

Char Broil Performance 475 Review

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Today we review the Char Broil Performance barbecue. What are some of the killer features on this thing? Well let us spell it out for you. How do you like the sound of four burners? How do you like the sound of a cart-style barbecue that can move around easily as needed? Yes. That’s it. This barbecue has two regular legs and two six-inch wheels so you can pick up one side and wheel it around as you please (in case you need to change the feng shui of the patio, of course). There are 475 square inches of cooking space on the main rack, on porcelain-coated iron grates, plus there is a secondary swing-away rack with an additional 175 square inches. That’s a lot of snacks. This grill runs on gas, at 36 000 BTU, and the side grill is a 10 000 BTU. The porcelain coating makes the grill easier to clean and prevents food from sticking. The side grill is lidded, by the way, so it stays protected and can be used as a shelf if you’re just using the main grill. Its large size makes it easy to cook a meal for an entire family or several burgers (about twenty, to be exact) or kebabs for a party. The main grill measures 25.6 by 18.5”. Inside are four stainless steel top-ported burners, durable and delivering hardcore cooking strength. The swing-away rack is ideal for warming buns and side dishes, and sauces.

Char Broil Performance

The lid is stainless steel, as are the handle and control panel. Stainless steel is a high heat-enduring material that has proven be the most durable overtime, standing up to high heat and the outdoor elements, while adding a touch of style to your grill. Right there on the lid you will find a temperature gauge, so you can keep an easy eye on the condition of the grill and make adjustments as needed. Inside you will find a removable grease pan, akin to a crumb pan you find in toasters. They make things infinitely easier and faster to clean. This beautiful thing also features electronic ignition, for fast and easy firing up. You can have it running by the push of a button. There are large metal shelves on the sides for storing whatever you need to store. The size is more than enough for a family dinner and the perfect size for entertaining. The side shelves make it very easy to store and prepare food, and the side burner is a great feature for the little add-ons. It’s huge for just two people living together and sharing a balcony, for example, but it’s great to have the option and extra space. You can cook your entire meal in there from main staples to the side dishes to sauces and to even crisp up a dessert (like a pie).

charbroil bbq

Altogether the barbecue measures 53.1 inches wide, 25.8 inches deep, and 45 inches high. It weighs just over 95 pounds, so it’s a good thing it has wheels for easy moving! There is a bit of assembly required, but the main grill is all put together so it’s relatively simple. A few of the steps will require a second set of hands, so make sure you have a helper monkey standing by. It heats up quickly and we recommend brushing a coat of oil on the grill to help cook the food. Heat will distribute evenly among the surface.

The Char Broil Performance 475 sells for around $200.

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