Blackstone 3-in-1 Kabob Grill Smoker BBQ Review

“What’s that smell?”, they ask, peering out of windows and over fences. You notice one walking by, slowing down as they pass your house, scoping the yard.

Soon there are several of them, slowly lumbering toward your backyard, following the trail of smoke to the patio with the barbecue.

There is nothing like the smell of barbecue smoke wafting through the air, making the neighbourhood hungrily long for an evening on the patio with plates of smoked foods and a couple of cold ones.

They long for an invitation. Sometimes you let them in. Other times you keep them out and keep that for yourself and your guests. Because you don’t want them to know what the secret is.

The secret of their envious attraction is a wonderful machine that can do a lot of things to food. A machine that not only barbecues the food, but also contains a motorized kebab, and has adjustable vents for smoking meat and fish.

Yes, such a thing exists. We have found it for you. And today in this review we will tell you all about this wondrous thing. We’d like to introduce you to the Blackstone 3-in-1 Kabob Grill Smoker.

Blackstone 3-in-1 Kabob Grill Smoker Review

Blackstone 3-in-1 Kabob Grill Smoker BBQ Review

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This barbecue is three units in one. As mentioned, it works as a smoker, and as a charcoal grill with adjustable charcoal bed, so you can easily raise or lower the coals depending on your taste and needs.

There are eleven included heavy-duty skewers, 23” long, which synchronise with the built-in motor. This built-in feature is very handy, saving you from the inconvenience and disappointment of burnt bamboo skewers falling apart as you turn them.

It runs automatically thanks to the built-in motor, so you can focus on grilling your meats to perfection while the kebabs (or whatever rotisserie you’re cooking) cooks to perfection on its own.

The three-in-one feature makes it very easy to cook a whole meal at once, making use of each feature by cooking kebabs and grilling at the same time. It is guaranteed to bring consistent (and tasty) results with each use!

This barbecue comes in a professional grade black-powder coated finish, designed to withstand high heat. Its durability ensures your grill will stay fresh for years to come.

It measures 52” by 28” by 45”. There is a removable catch pan for grease and other bits, so cleaning it made much simpler. All air vents, exhaust vents, and coal bed are adjustable so you can control the cooking conditions suited to your needs and taste.

This thing weighs 93 pounds but luckily for you it has two fixed legs and two wheels, so you can move it around easily.

skewers grilled on the blackstone

The kebab rotisserie runs on a motor that is removable, and it is electrical. It will require an extension cord.

This is a very sturdy, reliable machine that will produce amazing results.

It will prove to be all you need and more whether you are cooking for the family or like to entertain guests all summer long.

Here are a couple of tips for the barbecue:

  • add a high temperature sealer around the stack
  • spray the crank with graphite and it will turn smoothly as butter
  • the skewers are big. As in, they are like swords. Very hearty and they mean business. Be sure to cut vegetables and meats into big pieces. We recently reviewed a set of barbecuing tools that would be perfect with this: the set includes cooking tools and marinade brush, plus more.
  • Place the coals in strips
  • There may be some leaking around the kebab ports. We recommend adding some heat resistant stove rope to seal them off and keep heat in.

Automatic Rotisserie

Hands down the best feature about this barbecue is the automatic rotisserie. You can cook anything you want in there, all the way from a whole dead chicken to your own shawarma. Awesome!

The removable grease pan makes cleaning a breeze, and the adjustable charcoal bed really helps customise the cooking options.

With this barbecue on hand, you can start planning all kinds of backyard get-togethers, even with an Eastern European or Arabian style of cooking.

coals on the bbq

There is a bit of assembly required, but it is fairly straightforward. Of course, instructions are included. We recommend reading them over before you start: sometimes people put the wheels on the wrong side and it does not work! Ye be warned.

It is designed with the user in mind. Each detail has a purpose. The lid even has a temperature gauge so you can keep an easy eye on your food. It’s great for anyone who enjoys their food cooked on natural charcoal.

The Blackstone three-in-one barbecue sells for around $200, a killer deal considering all the handy things you can do with it.

We recommend buying a cover to protect it from the winter or harsh elements, including dust, because you don’t want that getting in your food area.

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