Who Are The Best American-Made Spa and Hot Tub Brands?

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These American companies are ones that provide quality construction and great materials for their hot tubs and spas. You know that they’re crafted by a company that cares about its customers as well as its employees.

Usually, they’ve been around for generations, too. They can be trusted to give you quality products as well as great customer service.


This is a company that has roots in America dating back to 1900. It was founded by William Coffin Coleman. It’s said that he passed by a window to see lamplight. He was a young salesman at the time. He had been taking a short walk after a hard day. The young man sold typewriters at the time. His eyes weren’t very good, and he became incredibly interested in this new light.

At the time, all lanterns used kerosene and produced a yellowish light that made it more difficult for Coleman. He wanted a light that burned clean and produced a brighter light. The new light burned with gasoline.

With this new light, he went on to found one of the biggest names in outdoor supplies, outdoor lighting, stoves, tents, and outdoor shelters. The company has its headquarters in Wichita with a facility in Texas, too.

Whenever someone says Coleman, they’re likely talking about camping gear or lanterns. The same quality and care that goes into their camping equipment goes into all their other products. It’s why they’ve become such a leader in their field.

Their portable hot tubs have features like I-Beam construction to ensure that the sides of the tub never collapse. Spas like the Lay-Z-Spa have over 100 air jets to help you relax. This outdoor company understands the needs of their customers, and provide products that will last for a very long time.

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Home and Garden (Hudson Bay Spas)

The company has offices and facilities in the US where they make quality products. They custom make their spas and covers at their own facility to ensure the quality of the materials as well as the finished product.

When you order from the company, you can expect the delivery of your spa within a week or two. If you’re ordering a custom made cover for your hot tub, that can take a bit longer. They’ll be creating your item in their facility, which can take some time.

The beautiful thing about the spa aside from where it’s manufactured is the fact that the spa is a plug-in spa that doesn’t require a dedicated electrical line. They have incredible jets that send heated beams of warm water directly to the areas of your body where you really need it.

They have round or square spas that will fit up to 6 people. The plug-in spas feature jets, waterfalls, and LED lighting in many of their models.

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American Spas

American Spas is a company that cares about its customers. They make products exclusively in the United States. All of their products go through a strict quality testing phase before being shipped to their customers.

The spas are designed to provide relaxation for those who want to escape the stresses of their day. They’re also perfect for those who need some hydrotherapy to massage trouble areas and remove pain.

The best part of purchasing from American Spas – aside from the fact that everything is American-made – is the fact that there’s a style and design to fit in every home. You might want a square 6-person bench style or a 2-person spa that can be placed in a corner. Any kind of spa is available through this company. They have marbled, blue, and white for a color that will fit your home perfectly.

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This company was created in 1993 as a manufacturer of spa products. They’re a distributor of all kinds of maintenance products, too. Buying a hot tub or spa is only the first step. They need to be maintained to work properly and last for years.

Essentials sells their products around the world, but they’re based in the United States with their corporate office in Monrovia, California. Their warehouse is on the east coast of the US, in Cumming, Georgia. For those living in the United States, that means you’ll have two shipping locations on each coast. They want to be able to ship to all their customers within a day or two.

The company has a variety of spas and hot tubs for relaxation or hydrotherapy. Choose the one that will fit in with your home, your needs, and the space where it’ll be installed.

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These American companies provide their customers with years of experience and customer service that makes them companies you can trust. A spa or hot tub is an investment, and you want to be sure that you’re getting a quality product that will last for years and years.

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