Belham Living Steel Pergola Gazebo With Retractable Shade Review

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June’s done, school’s out, and it’s time to have fun. Summertime, and the living’s easy. Your daddy’s rich, and your momma’s good-looking.

Maybe you can ask him for a gazebo with a retractable shade for all the fantastic pool parties you’re going to have. At any rate, a gazebo will bring sophistication and elegance to any backyard setting.

What’s more is that gazebos and pergolas add shelter and shade from the summer sun, which can cause headaches and sunburns.

We tend to romanticize the summertime hangout, and forget about the discomfort that can come about as a result of sitting directly under UV rays.

A very nice example of such a gazebo is the Belham living steel pergola, which comes in dark brown steel with an ivory retractable canopy.

The addition of this feature will revolutionize the way you spend time outdoors, adding comfort and class while cooling everyone beneath it and shading their eyes from a bright midday sun.

Belham Living Steel Pergola Gazebo With Retractable Shade Review

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This gazebo cannot be used as a permanent installation, nor can it be anchored to concrete. It simply stakes into soft earth and should be removed during bad weather and especially the winter season.

Stakes are included with the gazebo. The straight posts do make for a sturdy foundation, and if you choose to use it on a hard surface, you should weight the legs down using sandbags.

You can also place the posts into planters and secure them using rocks, sand, or even dirt itself: imagine the beautiful space you could create by growing some ivy up the posts!

Overall the gazebo weighs about fifty pounds and will require two or three people to assemble it. There are a few points in the assembly process that will require help, but it easily sets up in an afternoon.

You will also require a ladder and a rubber mallet. The canopy covers one side and the top of the gazebo, and is fully retractable both ways.

If you don’t want the side covered, simply roll up the fabric and tie it with zipties or something equally durable. Overall the gazebo is measuring eight by ten feet, which makes for a nice seating area beneath it.

Set up a little table and chairs for a nice dining area or conversation piece. It is a very beautiful backyard accessory and will match well with any landscaping or home décor you have.

Its natural tones of dark, earthy brown, as well as beige, look great near the garden or next to the pool. All natural hues look great together!

belham living steel pergola

The shades are beige, and attach together using Velcro. They can come together in the middle, or pushed to each side to allow sunlight in.

Depending upon the weather conditions of your area, you may want to reinforce the Velcro straps by adding extra stitches. We highly recommend, as does the manufacturer, that you remove the canvas canopy before the storms roll in, because the wind and rain can destroy the canopy.

If you live in areas with daily thunderstorms like Florida, for example, we highly recommend removing the canopy unless you are using it.

The shades are long enough to completely cover one side of the gazebo, which comes in very handy as the sun descends to the horizon.

It’s nice enough to have an overhead shade, but as the afternoon turns to evening, the sun pierces you at eye level, and this is very uncomfortable.

The beige shades on the Belham Living pergola are such a tone to allow for natural light to come through, so that it is not completely dark where you are sitting, but thick enough and well-constructed as to effectively block the brightest rays and keep you cool.

You will no longer have to stay indoors during the high heat of a summer afternoon, nor suffer the dizzying effects that bright, hot sun can have.

Having a canopy will keep you and guests very comfortable by providing a place of refuge. The pergola-style top adds a very nice accent to the backyard.

Humans and all living things are naturally drawn to shelter, no matter what form it takes. With this pergola canopy in your yard, you will be living like an emperor or empress, gathering with choice company for some drinks and conversation.

retractable canopy pergola review belham living

Having a pergola also lends to all kinds of new decorating possibilities. As mentioned before, you can set the posts in some planters and grow plants around them, or even grow some ivy.

The crossbeams on the pergola top allow you to hang all kinds of things from them, like paper lanterns, or twinkle lights; during a party a little bit of additional festive lighting will really change the entire space.

The pergola on its own, without canopy, adds a very nice structural element to any outdoor setting, while the addition of a canopy will create a relaxing, comfortable place for you and your guests to escape from the sun and enjoy some company in the warmth of a summer afternoon.

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