Belham Living Classic Eucalyptus Outdoor Porch Swing Review

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The Belham Living Classic Eucalyptus Outdoor Porch Swing has a beautiful fan shape as the backrest. It’s made of lovely, natural wood in an arch and curve that just makes you think of relaxed island breezes and outdoor lounging. A delightful porch swing is a great place to relax in the backyard, enjoy the garden, or spend time with family and friends when they come to visit.

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We love that some people give their parents the gift of a porch swing and installation to enjoy their golden years in comfort in natural surroundings. Whatever the reason for your purchase, the porch swing is a purchase you should consider for your outdoor space.

Pros of the Classic Eucalyptus Outdoor Porch Swing

  • Natural finish
  • Arched back
  • Curved armrests
  • Beautiful wood
  • Cushion included
  • Chain included

Cons of the Eucalyptus Porch Swing

  • No hanging springs or hooks

First Impressions

We have an affinity for porch swings and everything outdoors that can be used for relaxation. There’s nothing like swinging lazily in the sunlight with a cool breeze on your face. You’ll feel like you’re retired with nothing but time on your hands even if it’s only a stolen afternoon on the back porch with the kids. This swing comes with a thick cushion and beautifully stunning design that we love.

Normally, wood swings have a curved back, but as you can see from the pictures, this swing has a more intricate, detailed design that is incredibly unique. While you might have considered purchasing a swing with the idea of layering it with colorful outdoor pillows, you won’t want to cover up the incredible detail work and craftsmanship of this swing.

Construction and Materials

While you often hear about teak and pine as great outdoor furniture materials because of their natural elements, eucalyptus also has strong features that make it a great wood for outdoor use.

For example, it’s incredibly strong and durable. This is important in a porch swing since it’ll be holding the weight of a few people. Even with continued use, the eucalyptus wood swing will stand up to years of people enjoying the swing.

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It’s also resistant to rot and moisture. When you think of eucalyptus, it has many of the same properties as teak, which means that you can expect to be able to leave it outdoors and maintain it easily after days of outdoor use.

It doesn’t need to be varnished before placing it outdoors. It’ll fade to a natural, beautiful silver gray after a season. If you don’t love the silver color, you can use eucalyptus oil to bring the wood back to its original color.

Assembly and Tools

For the assembly, you’ll need the standard cordless electric drill to make the work quicker. Once the arms, back, and seat are secured, you’ll want to have a person help you hang it from the ceiling. While it’s not heavy, it can be awkward without someone to assist.

Measurements – Hanging Your New Swing

When purchasing your swing for a certain space, you’ll want to ensure it’ll fit before adding the swing to your porch, gazebo, or patio area. The swing itself is 60 inches long by 21 inches wide by 22 inches high.

The chain included with the swing for installation measures 4 feet, so that’s the distance it’ll be from the ceiling. If you want it lower or higher, you’ll have to purchase a hanging kit of your own.

Details We Adore

We absolutely love the back of the swing. It’s a fan shape that might even match the shape on your back door or windows. If you could match it to other elements in the home, that will make it even more perfect.

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The rounded armrests and intricate details of the wood are striking, too. It comes with a cushion, which isn’t always included in other swings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this swing be hung from a tree branch?
While the chain and the swing are able to hold the weight of people no matter where it’s hung, you’ll need to decide whether the tree branch can handle the weight of the swing and people seated.

What is the weight of the swing?
This swing weighs a total of 40 pounds.

Is there a varnish on the swing?
The wood is treated to help it stand against the elements. You might need to apply protectant each year or allow it to silver.

This Belham Living Classic Eucalyptus Outdoor Porch Swing is a beautifully crafted bench swing that comes with a cushion for the seat. You don’t have to worry about purchasing your own. This is a great swing for your next outdoor party or relaxing on the porch after a long day.


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