Banzai Pipeline Water Park Review

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When we think of backyard entertaining, oftentimes we picture a barbecue with some friends, a patio, and maybe a fire. The lucky ones picture hot-tubbing with cocktails and some close friends. More often than not, backyard entertaining ideas are geared toward adults with no thought for the little ones. For those of us with kids, we always have to consider their experience and make sure they have a good time (in other words, keep them occupied so we can enjoy ourselves). While we’re putting away a few brews up on the deck, where are the children? And on those hot afternoons when they have all the energy but we’re sweating to death and trying to stay out of the sun, a sprinkler or a pool are perfect for them. Something special, something just for them.

A water feature always attracts the kids, and are always a good size that can fit into most yards. On hot summer days they love to visit the waterpark or friends’ houses with the pool. In fact they may beg and beg for a pool of their own, because the sprinkler just isn’t cutting it, Mom! Pools aren’t always a feasible option, because they are expensive, require a lot of maintenance with chemicals and cleaning, and take up so much space that you lose your yard. We have found the perfect fun thing for kids to enjoy this summer: the Banzai pipeline water park.

Banzai Pipeline Water Park Toy

Banzai Pipeline Inflatable Water Park Review

This is a water park brought to your very own backyard with lots of fun features the kids will love. To sum it up, this is a bouncy castle with a water slide. The water slide is like a tunnel with a motorized water sprayer that splashes you at the base of the slide. The slide goes into a wading pool where other kids can wait their turn for the slide, or splash around. Let’s look at the specifics:

  • the water slide measures 14.7’ long by 9.6’ wide by 7.11’ high
  • water slide is inflatable for maximum comfort and stability
  • includes a soft bottom landing pad
  • optional/detachable water sprayer hose (requires some assembly)
  • includes blower motor to keep everything fully inflated. Very convenient and safe
  • blower motor will inflate everything in two minutes
  • the entire unit measures 26.5’ by 16.9’ by 15.2’. It’s a sizable feature that will bring endless fun to the backyard for kids

banzai inflatable water park for kids


The only thing it’ll leak is fun. Finally, a pipeline that does some good! The combined user maximum weight is 150 pounds. Just take a deep breath, push off, and enjoy the fun! They don’t call it the Banzai for nothing: kids will yell “Banzai!” as they take off racing down the slide. The slide is thickly cushioned, and you’ll glide through a wall of water right before landing with a big splash. The continuous blower motor is a great feature that lets you rest easy knowing the whole thing won’t deflate on you. It stays inflated for maximum comfort and safety.

It features heavy-duty DuraTech construction for lasting strength. The only assembly required, really, is opening the package, unrolling the whole thing, attaching the blower motor and letting it inflate. It will inflate itself in under two minutes. Then you just have to add water and you’re on your way to all kinds of summer splashing fun!

banzai water park parts

Home Water Park Fun

You can transform your backyard into a water park in no time at all with this wonderful creation from self-proclaimed leaders in backyard fun, Banzai. They have a whole line of water blasters, pools, flat water slides, and more. This particular water feature has an age recommendation of 5 years or older.

It is setup like a playground, with clubhouse, slide, and pool at the bottom. The ladder leading to the clubhouse has handles for easy climbing, as well as grooves for feet to grip. It can easily house six kids. Remember the weight limit of the slide is 150 pounds. While that’s in use, other kids can make use of the pool at the bottom and splash around. Its bright colours of blue, orange, green and yellow make for a fun and cheerful addition to the yard while giving the kids something to do and keeping them cool.

kid on water slide

The slide has a little roof out of which operates the water sprayer, creating a wild tunnel that kids can slide down and be splashed by.

Water park passes range from $20-$40 and up, per person, per day. Now imagine bringing the kid(s) with a friend or two, plus yourself, plus food and gas money to get to the waterpark. That adds up very quickly, not to mention the kids will want to go more than once! The pipeline water park sells for around $470, a great price for such a fun piece of equipment that is well made and will bring fun to your family all summer long!

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