Backyard Theater Complete 9-foot Outdoor Entertainment System Review

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Thinking of throwing a movie party, but don’t want to stay indoors? Drive-in theatres are hard to come by, these days! They’re still out there, but can be hard to get to, or difficult to convince anyone to come along. Good thing you can now host a drive-in theatre right in your own backyard with the Backyard Theater Outdoor Entertainment System.

Backyard Theater Outdoor Entertainment System review

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This system sells as one whole package with everything you might need, like an Optoma X316 projector, a WiFi BluRay player, Epson Silver speakers, flat screen, remote control, and stands. It also comes with all needed cables, ground stabilizers, and electrical cords. It literally comes with everything you need to have your own backyard movie theatre!

Best part is, it’s easy to set up and take down, so you can use it in the backyard or in the basement. It also folds down and is pretty compact, making it handy for storage, not that you would ever hide away such a magnificent package.

No, this thing should be out and used in all its glory. But in the event you need to put it away, for transportation or anything, get a big Rubbermaid container and stuff everything in there. This will also help protect it from moisture and dust.

Check out this video review of this product for a closer look at the set-up and other features:

While it is intended for backyard use, we do NOT recommend leaving this Backyard Theater Complete 9-foot Outdoor Entertainment System out in the rain. Water destroys electronics, and this entertainment system is no exception. Be kind to your beautiful toys and bring them inside when you’re not using them. It comes with a handy carrying case so there is no excuse.

This complete entertainment system is designed so that all you need to bring to the table (or the backyard) is the DVD. You’ll be able to hook up the projector and use all included wires and cables to make the system set up complete.

It sells for around $1500, making it a spectacular buy. You will get more than your money’s worth out of it. You can now save money that you’d otherwise spend on going to the theatre; you can make dinner and enjoy a movie night all in the comfort of your home!

backyard theater review outdoor system

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You can also play anything from a cellphone, Wii, Xbox, Playstation 3, or laptop using the WiFi. And it doesn’t just take BluRay DVDs, it also plays regular old DVDs, so you don’t have to update your entire library.

Excellent Picture Quality

We can’t rave enough about the picture quality and the sound system. The speakers sit atop their stands, just slightly taller than the screen, and will plug directly into the projector. The screen attaches to these stands for stability.

The projector will sit approximately eight to ten feet away from the screen, but you can go further, like twelve to even fifteen feet away. All it takes is some trial and error to get your setup suited to your tastes.

Make sure nothing stands between the projector and the screen to ensure you get the full picture. This set up works at night; projectors don’t work very well during hours of sunlight for obvious reason. If you want to use it during the day, simply set it up in the living room and close the curtains to prevent any glare. This set up is designed for nighttime viewing. The screen comes either eight feet wide or ten feet wide.

backyard entertainment system

You can even hook up a cable box or iPad to the projector using an HDMI cable. It has the ability to connect to WiFi, in the event you want to watch Netflix on the big screen. We know that kids are rowdy and like to run around, and don’t worry: safety has been taken into account! While a little bump here and there won’t hurt it, it comes with twist stakes that you can tether to the screen.

Some Set-Up Involved

Setup takes about fifteen to twenty minutes with the help of one or two people. All you have to do is figure out where you want everything to go, and attach the cables. It comes with handy instructions making the set up very simple and efficient. And when you go to tear it all down, help your future self by labeling each of the cables. This will save you a bunch of time when setting it up again in the future.

Backyard Theater System review

Great Family Backyard Entertainment System

This setup is great for families, people who like to throw parties, or anyone who likes to host events involving movie screenings. Imagine all the fun you could have throwing a kid’s birthday party with this as the main hit! It’s also handy for bringing up to the cottage, or even for playing concert DVDs during sunset.

The picture quality is perfectly clear. The projector and screen do a great job together in conveying crystal clear images, and the speakers can get pretty darn loud. Go ahead and annoy the neighbours, see if we care. Best of all, Backyard Theatre Systems has some of the best customer service out there. If you have any issues with setup or use, give them a call and they will replace parts and help you out.

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