Backyard Discovery Oasis Pergola Review

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The Backyard Discovery Oasis Pergola is a beautiful structure that will look amazing in your backyard for years to come. It can be installed in the garden or directly onto a wood deck or cement patio.

It’s not just a pergola. There’s a bench built directly into the pergola. There’s also a spacious bar table top that will serve all your guests at your next event.

You can even use it for breakfast outdoors each morning with a pot of coffee, orange juice, and covered plates of food.

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Features of the Backyard Discovery Oasis Pergola

  • Multilevel pergola
  • Built-in bench
  • Console arm rests
  • Durable resin feet
  • Cedar wood
  • Anchors included

Multilevel with Arch Design

The covering of the pergola is meant to be open to the elements. It’s a beautiful construction of weaving that’s contemporary and elegant.

While it’s open, it doesn’t have to remain that way over your seating area. Some people like to put fabric through the wood in a woven pattern.

The trellis roof can be covered with climbing plants, too. The roof with a trail of grapevines will look like a lovely garden structure that’s been taken over by nature.

It’s easy to imagine this pergola in the backyard garden over a seating area where you can enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of lemonade.

The pergola provides 14 x 10 feet of space. That’s enough space to have a full patio set underneath it. You could even lace fabric through the top along with hanging lights.

You’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to decorating this pergola.

Built-in Bench

If you don’t use this as a seating area with your own patio furniture, you can enjoy the built in bench that lines the side of the structure.

It’ll give your backyard more seating without having to purchase anything extra. The bench can be used to hold decorations as well as other items like plants.

The multiple levels of this pergola give you a choice of many types of design elements.

Built-in Bar

On the side of the structure, you’ll find a high bar that can be used for your next event. All you have to do is add some bar chairs, and you’ve given guests another place to sit or hold their food while chatting.

The table’s surface measures 30 inches by 86 inches. That’s plenty of space for serving a buffet style meal for your guests, too. Instead of using it as a bar, you can place all your food on the space.

Speaking of bars, you could also use this pergola with bar space as an actual bar. Under the pergola, you can have all the accessories needed for drinks for your guests. The top will protect everyone from the direct rays of the sun, too.

Resin Feet

The feet of this pergola are made of a resin material that won’t rust or break easily. It’s important for a part of the structure that will see tons of moisture throughout the year.

In some areas of the country, you’ll end up with snow and ice around the posts, too. This isn’t a structure that can be disassembled and put away easily for the cold winter months.

Cedar Construction

The pergola is made of solid cedar. Cedar is often the choice for outdoor structures and furniture because it has a natural resistance to water.

It also resists decay and bugs that can attack other types of wood. Cedar gives off natural oils that repel insects. Along with a wood that will look great as soon as its put outside, it’s a wood that ages well, too.

Anchors included

You can easily install this in the garden or backyard using the posts to anchor properly. It can also be anchored into concrete for a beautiful structure on the patio.

The anchors are included in this kit along with instructions for assembling this lovely pergola.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many boxes are delivered with this pergola?

The pergola comes in 3 boxes. The total weight of the pergola is 600 pounds of solid cedar wood.

Does this take a long time to assemble?

It will take a few people approximately 8 hours to assemble. The time it takes can be cut down based on the number of people who help.

Can the pergola be painted or stained?

The structure is already stained, so it’s unnecessary. That doesn’t mean it can be stained even further, though.

The Backyard Discovery Oasis Pergola is made of sturdy, durable cedar wood. The assembly of this pergola shouldn’t take long if you have a few friends to help.

It has everything you need for assembling including anchors for ensuring that the pergola will stay in place throughout the year.

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