AmazonBasics Standup Patio Heater Cover Review

The AmazonBasics Standup Patio Heater Cover fits perfectly around the unusual shape of the heater. Instead of using a shapeless tarp that can turn into a “sail” in high winds, this heater cover conforms to the shape of the heater. The cover will keep the heater from being ruined by rain and even snow.

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Pros of the AmazonBasics Standup Patio Heater Cover

  • Waterproof, woven polyester
  • Click straps
  • Interlocking seams
  • Fits standard patio heaters
  • Tailored fit

Cons of the Patio Heater Cover

  • Owners might need a stool or small ladder to reach the top

First Impressions

The AmazonBasics Standup Patio Heater comes in an easy-to-open package. When water and mud splashes up onto the cover from the ground, it’s not going to be as noticeable and glaring when the material is the same color. We love that the cover has two tones to ensure that it doesn’t look messy and dirty out on the patio.

The cover slips over the bottom of the heater. It shimmies up to the top of the heater quite easily. The shape of the heater is unusual, so many covers won’t fit because they’re too small to close around the wide cone at the top of the heater. This tailor fit assures you the most protection for your outdoor heater.

Waterproof Materials

The cover is made from 100 percent woven polyester. The underside of the fabric is waterproof to keep water from seeping into the cover and wetting the heater. Most heaters are propane, so they don’t have to worry about electronics. There are still bits like the ignition that should be wet or they’ll corrode. The waterproof cover will prevent water from sitting on the frame of the heater. Some heaters have powder-coated steel that won’t corrode easily, but it’s best not to take a chance. Leaving the heater outdoors leaves it open to rain and dampness, but also dirt and debris flying into the heater’s vents.

Interlocking Seams

The wind can act like a battering ram when it’s bombarding fabric over time. Any material that is outside for a few months in the rain and wind can become tattered and shredded. That won’t happen with this cover. The interlocking seams strengthen the material to avoid split seams and tattered fabric.

Tailored Fit

The cover is tailored to fit a certain style of heater. One that is wider at the dome then skinny around the middle before flaring out to the round bottom. There are many types of heaters that this cover will fit including the AmazonBasics Commercial Patio Heater. It’ll also cover the heater that fits within the same measurements. The heater that is wider at the base and dome with a thin middle will be a good fit for this cover. A tailored fit ensures that the fabric doesn’t flap uselessly around the heater on a windy day. It can batter the heater inside while becoming like a sail that could push the heater over in high winds.

Sturdy Straps

At the bottom of the cover is a Velcro snap that will keep the material snug and won’t allow the material to open and allow water to enter. There are also loop handles to allow you to easily adjust the material of the cover to be secure around the entire piece.

When you’re ready to cover your heater, it’s simple to use the handles to pull the cover into place. The top part covering the dome can be zippered to hold it. You can either use a small ladder or step stool if you’re not tall enough. You might be more inventive and pull the heater down to your level by pulling it sideways. Zip the side and Velcro the bottom. Your heater is now protect from snow, rain, and wind until you’re ready to use it again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the measurements for this cover?
It’s 95 inches high, 34 inches around the dome, and 18.5 inches around the base. Keep this in mind when ordering for your heater. It’s thin through the middle, too.

Are there zippers on this cover?
There are two heavy zippers on this cover. One is around the top and one is down the side.

How heavy is the fabric?
This cover isn’t made with lightweight, flimsy material. The entire cover weight over 3 pounds.


It’s important that you protect your investment in order to have a working heater throughout the year. You don’t have to cover the heater all the time, but when it’s snowing or too cold to enjoy the outdoors even with a heater, you’ll want to use a cover that will keep it from becoming exposed to the elements. It’s so easy to use that you can cover the heater during the week and only use it on the weekends. It’s completely up to you.

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