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Abba Patio is a company that has everything you could possibly need in your backyard for events. They have structures like canopies and gazebos. We’ve featured a few on the site. They have patio furniture as well as umbrellas and furniture.

If you are trying to make a cozy spot in your backyard for family and friends, this company has everything you could want for a beautiful space.

The company is located in Bingham Farms, MI. They provide outdoor structures, furniture, and canopies or gazebos for all your outdoor events.

Even if you don’t have an event, the company has all the equipment or structures you’ll need to enjoy your backyard even more.

Outdoor Structures

Abba Patio has lovely popup canopies. We can imagine they are used frequently by people who want temporary structures.

Ones that pop up easily and disassemble just as quickly are the key to events like yard sales or BBQs where you need some extra shade.

They can be moved around as needed, and many of the ones available at Abba are made with lightweight, durable fabric that has UV protection.

The company has BBQ grill gazebos that are made with the most durable materials. They’re crafted with steel and powder coated to ensure that there’s no problem with anything you can throw at them.

They can be staked to the ground or moved as needed. They range in sizes and design, but they’re all incredibly well crafted. Most of them have handy hooks and shelves for holding utensils or food supplies.

We love their garden gazebos as much as the other structures they have on offer. Many of their soft top gazebos have unique designs like butterfly tops.

They all have fabric that will stand up to the rays of the sun as well as other elements. It’ll protect the occupants from rain and provide cool shade.

In addition to structures like gazebos and canopies, the company also sells portable greenhouses. You might be surprised to learn that you can buy durable greenhouses without all that glass and wood. They’re not very expensive, either.


There are standard umbrellas for your patio, but there are also really great offset outdoor umbrellas that give you more space. Usually your patio has a limited amount of space.

If you want to add an umbrella, it has to be placed in the middle to cover everyone. It becomes an eyesore and gets in the way. Some people might even trip over it.

Abba Patio has offset sun umbrellas that can be angled as needed. The shade material is waterproof and UV resistant. It’s easy to set out of the way while angling the shade as needed.

If you’ve ever sat beneath a sun shade, you’ll know what once the sun moves from overhead, you’re not getting any benefit from the umbrella. That isn’t a problem with these umbrellas. They are quite unique and very convenient.

The company also has beach umbrellas that can be anchored in the sand. These are umbrellas with carrying bags to make them simple to carry. They have telescoping poles that are easy to pack.

The umbrella isn’t one of the standard ones you’ll find in any store. They’re made of UV resistant materials with a wonderful design. They look incredibly expensive, but they are reasonably priced.

Patio Furniture

There are sofa sectionals, ottomans, and side chairs in a variety of colors and materials. All of their fabrics are meant for use outdoors.

They’re easy to clean and have durable powder-coated frames. While the cushions of the furniture are fantastic for outdoors, they’re still soft and comfortable.

Along with great standards like wicker rattan sofas and side chairs, Abba Patio also has unique furniture. We absolutely love the swing canopy. It’s a structure that completely surrounds the hammock.

It’s a stand alone piece of furniture that doesn’t need a porch or a tree to secure it. The hammock’s frame is a strong steel that won’t warp or bend.

Abba Patio has porch swings with their own coverings as well as other furniture like retractable awning screen fences.

If you have wanted privacy on your patio, but didn’t want to build a fence, these screens are perfect. Like many of their other structures, the folding screen is made from powder-coated metal that won’t rust.

You can drag this screen to be as wide or as short as you need. Once you have fit them to the sides of your patio, you can mount them directly to the cement or in the grass as needed.

The company has some really unique and beautiful items for your outdoor space. If you’ve ever wanted to transform your backyard into an oasis or a continuation of your home, there are many pieces you can purchase from Abba.


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