Sojag Messina Gazebo Sun Shelter Review

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Hosting parties and other events outdoors is a great undertaking with many things to consider. Due to the absence of shelter, it can be more difficult to ensure the comfort of your guests. People will require shelter from such elements as intense sunlight and heat, wind, or possible precipitation.

There are several options on the market that are for this purpose specifically, such as pergolas or canopies.

In addition to their functional qualities, these outdoor accessories provide a real focal point to any event, and may serve as the central location under which everyone may meet.

It is easy to see how this can help keep everyone organized and help them find their way back to the main area. A freestanding sun shelter or canopy will also provide great background for formal events and even photoshoots.

Sojag Messina Gazebo

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Hard Top Sun Shelter by Sojag

Today we review a hard top sun shelter by Sojag. Measuring in at twelve by sixteen feet, this is a significant structure that will bring classic style to your entertaining area, as well as serving practical functions.

We favour this particular one because it has a very bold and contrasted design. It is charcoal coloured, and composed of rustproof aluminum. Its roof is galvanized steel.

This is a top quality sun shelter we are looking at here. It is bold, slick, and contemporary and timeless simultaneously.

It stands upon four posts that are all equipped with PVC-coated mosquito netting that you can draw like curtains to prevent biting bugs getting in the hangout area.

This netting will allow you and guests to enjoy the open air without having to deal with obnoxious and pesky mosquitoes. The netting also breaks up the wind and sun exposure as it sets and pours light in from the sides.

Along with the mosquito netting, you can also purchase separately some privacy curtains, which have their own designated track in the shelter.

hard top gazebo


This is a great sun shade that provides a gathering place, perfect for dining events and spending time with family and friends. Let’s look at some of the details:

  • the roof is made of galvanized steel. It is a heavy-duty structure.
  • the roof is equipped with a screen cupola to allow for ventilation while keeping bugs out. The ventilation is very important in a structure like this. As we all know, heat rises. And under a charcoal-coloured shelter, the heat rising up can make it hot. This vent keeps the area beneath the shelter cool. It also gives the wind somewhere to cut through, instead of going over or under the roof. This provides extra stability.
  • molded crossbeam adds nice design elements the whole way around
  • a double track system for the mosquito netting and privacy curtains. This ensures you can close just one or the other (or both if you wish). The privacy curtains are sold separately and are entirely optional.

Some Assembly Required

While the cupola does a nice job of letting wind flow through, there are three holes at the base of each post that you can use to drill into the ground for further stability. This is especially important if you live in an area with high winds.

There will, of course, be some assembly that you must undertake upon receiving the item. You may find it beneficial to seek the assistance of a couple of extra people.

It will take approximately six hours with four people, or ten hours with two people to put the whole thing together, start to finish. The engineering is really top quality. The pieces fit together well making assembly fairly simple. There is very little fidgeting.

We think that this is very impressive engineering and construction. There are hundreds of parts and they all line up perfectly. There are stickers on the parts, but after the whole thing is put together, none of the stickers will be visible.

That’s how thoroughly the design is executed. We recommend removing every single piece from the package before beginning assembly, for the sake of lining everything up and ensuring all parts are present and in the right place.

Sojag Messina Gazebo Review

All Year Round

This is a shelter that can stand outside year round, without having to be taken inside. The manufacturer recommends regularly removing snow from the roof to prevent unnecessary damage. It will provide years of protection from the elements.

The Sojag sun shade gazebo is not cheap, but it is rather glamorous. Some people have even gone so far as to customize the shelter with a ceiling fan and lighting!

For the price, it is a great alternative to having something custom-built, like a wooden deck that would cost thousands and thousands of dollars.

Unlike a wooden deck which would be a permanent installation, you have the option of taking the shelter with you if you move.

All in all, it is a great looking shelter that will bring beauty and elegance to the yard in addition to sheltering you and guests from blaring sun and pesky evening mosquitos!

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