Sojag Sedona Hardtop Sun Shelter Gazebo Review

Today we review the hardtop sun shelter gazebo by Sojag, a quality structure that will shield you and guests from the sun, create a focal point in the yard and add a bit of luxury to your patio experience.
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This gazebo comes in a natural tone of dark brown, so it will blend well with any landscaping or existing décor you have, while making its own statement.

The aluminum frame is rustproof, so you don’t have to worry about leaving it outside year-round. It is a durable structure that will endure weather conditions while maintaining its stark beauty.

The hardtop is a series of roof panels. These panels are constructed from tinted polycarbonate so as to block out the sun and keep you and guests cool when sitting within the shelter.

The panels are UV-protected, as well, so you can rest assured that you will not develop sunburn. The panels are 8mm thick. As the roof is completely weatherproof, you do not have to remove it for the winter.

Simply leave it in place. However, you should keep on top of removing excess snow from the roof. This is because snow is deceivingly heavy, and if allowed to build up, it may cause damage.

All too often there are stories of rooves collapsing due to inability to support the weight of so much snow.

It is heavy and wet so in order to stop it building up and then causing damage to your beautiful gazebo, you should remove it regularly throughout the winter using a broom or shovel (being careful not to hit and crack the PVC panels).

If, however, you find that you need to replace any parts of this gazebo, the replacement parts are available.

In terms of what to place under the gazebo, you will just want to use furniture, lighting and plants. You will not, for example, want to place a firepit here, as there is no ventilation in the roof.

It is fully sealed to protect from rain. Besides, firepits should never be so close to patio furniture like lounges or sofas or other furniture with flammable cushions and materials, and you wouldn’t want to put beach chairs under this thing. Its beauty is more deserving of beautiful furniture to match the ambience.

This gazebo measures ten by twelve feet (10’ x 12’) and weighs just over 200 pounds. It is of substantial size and weight, so you can know for sure that it is a sturdy one.

That being said, you will want to bolt it down, especially if you live in areas that receive high winds. There is a lot of space under the roof and this will enable wind to carry it.

The entire outdoor experience is exquisitely enhanced when using a gazebo. As mentioned, a gazebo adds a focal point to the yard. It creates a designated entertainment or relaxation space by providing a framework under which to arrange the furniture. It will result in a cozy atmosphere to which you can add little details like soft lighting in the way of candles or twinkle lights.

At each corner is a set of curtains that serve to keep mosquitoes out. The curtains are made of a polyvinylchloride (PVC)-coated polyester. This will allow you to enjoy the gazebo at all times of day, including evening and night when mosquitoes come out to bite.

Or you can tie the curtains back to the posts to create a warm and inviting luncheon area. The great thing about this gazebo is that you can dress it up for tea parties or dress it down for casual hangouts.

It is well designed, so as to feel bigger than it is, with all the light it lets in. however, it keeps you out of the sun and is highly effective. As it weighs over 200 pounds, it is quite sturdy. It is ultimately up to you whether you secure it down or not.

It will take one afternoon to assemble, around six hours or so. You will require an extra set of hands.

As well, we recommend loosely screwing all the pieces into place, and then once everything is together and accounted for, tightly fasten all the screws at once.

Some people have chosen to caulk the ceiling panels, for which you can use a designated window/door caulk. You can also run an electrical cord from the inside center in order to hang a center light.

Once you have the structure up and running, there are endless possibilities to how you can decorate or accent it with furniture pieces.

All in all, it is a sturdy gazebo with an attractive dark brown frame that is weatherproof, and will create a wonderful seating area in your backyard.

The Sedona hard top gazebo sells for around $1900.

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