Best Hexagonal Gazebo Reviews – Hard and Soft Top

by Simmy Parker

If you are shopping for gazebos, whether it be hard or soft top, the roof shape that typically dominates the market is either a square or rectangular roof.

And yet, the hexagonal roof shape is another popular choice that you see sometimes, but not so much when it comes to metal build gazebos.

The idea of a hexagon shaped gazebo is much more popular in the realm of wooden gazebos, and old-style or rustic-looking pavilions.

Erommy 12FT Outdoor Canopy Gazebo

Outsunny 13.3′ x 13.3′ Pop Up Gazebo Hexagonal Canopy with 6 Zippered Mesh Netting

ABCCANOPY 10’x10′ Gazebos for Patios Outdoor Hexagonal Gazebo

These wooden hexagonal gazebos are still quite common now, in backyards, as locations for weddings, in parks, and other public spaces.

People like this style, presumably, because they harken back to yesteryear, or perhaps people just love the workmanship that goes into them, as hexagonal wooden gazebos are usually extremely sturdy and practically works of art unto themselves.

Whatever the case, the hexagonal shape has been passed to metal roof gazebos, and there is a proliferation of this design out in the greater marketplace.

Like any hardtop or soft top gazebo, the ones with the hexagonal roof still need to have to have the same characteristics of any quality gazebo to be considered top notch.

Mainly, this could refer to the durability of the roof panels, the overall sturdiness of the frame / structure, ventilation capabilities, drainage abilities, reflection of harsh UV light, overall protection, privacy, anchoring ability, size, etc.

In this article, we take a look at what we consider the best hexagonal gazebos – both hard and soft top, and give our review and a breakdown of their characteristics. If you want to know more, please read on!

Canopia Roma Hardtop Garden Gazebo
  • Free Shipping anywhere in the USA

Like all quality gazebos, the Roma by Canopia is an all-season model that should be there you through many years of good times out on your patio or in your backyard.

Made by Canopia (formerly was known as Palram), the Roma, like all their products, go through rigorous testing and are the result of decades of innovation from a company that is known for exactly that – innovative backyard structures that can stand the test of time.

With the Roma hardtop gazebo, the durability that we like to see is there, because of the hardware of the unit – durable aluminum with a gray corrosion-resistant powder-coating that offers optimum aesthetics and protection.

The roof, made from twin-wall 6mm polycarbonate panels, which feature a bronze glaze, is designed to hold up to 52 pounds of snow per square foot. That being said, we always recommend the best practice of keeping your hardtop clear of snow whenever possible.

It can also take up to 75 mph winds, if you anchor it down properly with the tools provided.

On hot days, it will keep you cool by blocking UV rays by way of the roof panels, and via the ventilation apparatus attached to the peak of the roof.

Since the gazebo is nice and large (163.2” L x 141.3” W x 119.9” H), you get a nice breeze flowing through it, unless of course you want some privacy, at which point you might be interested in some of the added accessories like the curtains or netting (sold separately).

Also sold separately are a custom-built 1500w carbon fiver infrared heater, along with an LED lighting kit for extra mood.

This unit, comes with anchoring equipment so that you can make this gazebo a more permanent addition to your backyard area.

Overall, the Roma could make a stunning addition to any patio, if a hardtop hexagonal gazebo is something that you’re looking for.

Sojag Magnolia Soft Top Gazebo
  • Free Shipping anywhere in the USA

Now we turn to the Magnolia Soft Top Gazebo, which is, as far as soft top gazebos go, top of the line. It is also substantially less expensive than the Monaco, as hardtops and soft tops are priced very differently.

So, if it’s a soft top hexagonal gazebo you’re after, the Magnolia, by Sojag, will do nicely, as it features a 121 square foot space for hanging out with family and friends, or entertaining guests.

The Magnolia, with its cream-colored polyester cover, double-roof, and matching curtains, has a very elegant look that will wow anyone who sees it. This same fabric is effective at shielding you from harmful UV rays as well.

Unlike the Monaco, which offers a more heavy duty look, the Magnolia projects a more care-free attitude by virtue of the fact that the fire-rated polyester appears smooth and soft.

That said, the frame is made of steel and is both powder-coated and rust-resistant, still offering you the same protection and privacy in the years to come that a hard top would, at a fraction of the price, and with an unsurpassed elegance.

The unit is 11 x 11 feet, with 2.5″ x 2.5″ round steel legs, with steel truss supports that are 1″ in diameter. Assembly is DIY but is reported by customers to be a relatively easy and painless setup.

Anchoring equipment comes with the unit as well as detailed instructions. Nothing additional is needed for setup, but you might want more than one person for the job.

The added protective netting, which zips together quickly and easily, is also fire-rated and provides a light-weight but durable see-through guard against pests (mosquitos, flies, etc.), and even adds some privacy.

There is an additional hanging hook on the inside of the Magnolia where you can hang your own lights for added appeal.

Monaco Hexagon Hardtop Garden Gazebo
  • Free Shipping anywhere in the USA

With a 10 year warranty, the all-season Monaco Hexagon Garden Gazebo by Canopia is a great first pick, for many reasons, which we’ll talk about now.

First off, it is both highly stylish and durable which is a combination we like to see.

What makes it stylish? The Monaco, being made by Canopia (Palram), means that it is made by a company who has been in the business of innovative backyard solutions for decades now, and so this hardtop gazebo is the sum of their research into what makes a gazebo beautiful while being supremely functional.

Functionality is beauty, some might say, and that’s why the Monaco gets top marks from us, because it does exactly what it should do at all times.

With extra-durable 6mm polycarbonate panels which avoid becoming brittle over time, while still reflecting harmful UV rays, the Monaco has a generous yet durable canopy which then is capped with a roof ornament that acts as a ventilation system, so you can do things like have a small fire, cook, or hot tub underneath it. The roof vent also allows heat to escape, keeping you cool on a hot summer night.

The Monaco roof panels lead to a gutter system which is one of the main points of pride here, as any moisture that hits the roof is then re-directed to the 6 sturdy pillars that are made from heavy duty aluminum and which hold up the structure.

The rain, once it hits the roof, then runs through the gutters which leads them to the pillars and down to the ground, meaning there will be no water dripping down and disturbing you if you happen to use it when it rains or after snow melts.

Included with this gazebo is an anchoring system, so that you might attach it to your deck or to a wooden surface, which means that this gazebo isn’t going anywhere, even when the wind starts to really pick up.

At the same time as it is extremely sturdy, the Monaco is a relative breeze to set up. That being said, relative is the key term here. It still is a two person job to set up, and will take a bit of time, but as far as large gazebos go, the setup is fairly easy.

In addition, you can separately purchase several useful accessories, including a curtain set, a netting set, LED lights, and an infrared heater, making this gazebo a great place to escape to from a hectic day.

Thanks for reading our review of the best hexagonal gazebos – hard and soft top!

If you have any comments or stories you’d like to share about these models or any others, please feel free to do so in the comments section below.

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